The shortest month of the year but a lot going on considering that the flagship charity shop that I had applied to work for finally opened (HURRAY) and I finally moved into my new flat in East Finchley (DOUBLE HOORAY even though I was sad to leave Til and Fred).

Here’s a few snippets of what I got up to this month.

As one of the top 5 things on my current bucket list is to go on Safari in Africa, James took me on a surprise trip to the next best place: Woburn Safari Park.

Blue skies are my favourite.

I love the way that the light hits the architecture in the Coal Drops Yard.


Come and visit me at the new Shelter Boutique charity shop in Kings Cross!

Getting my Bulgogi Beef Bibimbap fix from the local market that’s on every Friday to Sunday.

Love a sunset pic.

Even the walk through the tube station at Kings Cross is great!

While helping to James to Spring clean his room, I came across my new favourite photo of him which is currently my phone background.

This is apparently a misleading background to have at the hairdressers who assumed that he was my son when they glanced at my phone.

Probably why they gave me this horrendous ‘mum bob’ that I definitely didn’t request. You’ll get to enjoy those photos come March.

Dinner date with Em at Granary Square Brasserie after work and we shared this very alcohol-intense apple tart for dessert.

Gorgeous roses from James on Valentine’s Day.

After a morning at the Chiswick Car Boot Sale (my first visit but no purchases, unfortunately), James and I decided to check out the virtual reality experience at the Saatchi Gallery, upon Til and Fred’s recommendation.

We live in an Ocean of Air is a virtual reality experience where the invisible connection between plant and human is revealed through breath.”

It was an interesting 20 minute experience where we were given breath and heart sensors to track our breathing as we were transported to an ancient forest to “witness the majestic power of the largest organism to ever exist – the giant Sequoia tree”.  As you can see the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, the aim is to encourage us to reflect on our dependence and responsibility to the organisms we share our planet with.

Next up, we fuelled up at Franco Manca for lunch and checked out the Natural History Museum, which I feel is geared more towards children so didn’t enjoy it that much.

Obviously, I snuck in a cheeky nap on the tube home.

Later that evening, I took Til, Fred and James out for their first ever hotpot at Little Lamb Hotpot in Chinatown which everyone enjoyed – James and Til weren’t fans of the tripe and intestines but Fred ate everything like the absolute boss that he is.

James took me to Warwick Castle where we climbed a lot of steep stairs and had a laugh/bit of a scare on the Dungeon Tour.

Excellent pho with Tina and Hermina at Cay Tre in Soho.

They even do lunch deals on a Saturday so a clear winner for me!

James came to check out the shop and wanted to take some photos of me working hard.

As I’d enjoyed Granary Square Brasserie so much with Em, and it was just around the corner from where I worked, I decided to introduce James to it.

The starters were delicious but stay away from the Steak Tartare (it’s flavourless and unexceptional. #middleclassproblems).

On a rare weekday that both Til and I happened to be free, we decided to have lunch at the wonderful Quince Tree Café, an airy outdoor café next to a garden centre (Til’s excellent suggestion) and charity shopping in Crouch End (my suggestion).

I’d heard so many great things about the shops in the area and although we both only ended up buying one item of clothing each (a black cardigan for Til and a black, floral top for me), it was still a great day out!

The Fish Pie was divine.

At the end of the month, it was finally time to leave Til and Fred’s and move into my new flat (3 extra bags out of site).

Luckily they only live about 45 minutes away so they can’t get rid of me that easily 😉


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