MARCH 2019

All settled into my new flat!

When you’re broke (pre rich) but want to decorate your walls, wrapping paper is your new best friend!

I got this one from England At Home in Brighton and absolutely love that it’s got so many unique and creative photos on it.

This badboy is called ‘Dancing For Donuts’ which I found in Oliver Bonas.

The other side of my wall is decorated with my favourite postcards and photos that I’ve collected over the years.

Til finished her painting of me and did an absolutely incredible job!

She is so so talented, go and show her art some love on Instagram: @matilda5189

James treated me to dinner at Harry’s Bar which was divine!

As promised in my previous post, here is a photo of my hideous haircut where I specified that I really didn’t want a bob.

It looks just about socially acceptable when I crimp it and half tie it up, else it looks awful.

It’s my second worst haircut since that time I decided to get it really short and permed in year 9.

Rant over: I’ll stop going on about my hair like the massive first world problem that it is now…

Loved the hotpot buffet at Leong’s Legend with Tina and Hermina!

Bringing the banterbury to Canterbury with James.

Catch up dinner with Tash at Wahaca!

As you can see, we ordered about half the menu and had the best, super glamorous time – we definitely didn’t get taco sauces all over ourselves…

An excellent Shakshuka for lunch at The Olive Branch in Wimborne with Nikki and James.

We also took a trip to Kingston Lacy where James very kindly helped us take some photos and here are my faves:

None of us like this photo (what am I doing with my tongue?!) but I love the memories of catching up and laughing a lot with Marianne and Sadie over some great pizzas at Pizza Union.


I am the lord of the laptop, said she.

I came across my first Notes to Strangers poster at Kings Cross.

Delicious crab ravioli for lunch with Til at Fred at Terroni of Clerkenwell.

Loved these flowers at Botanique Workshop.

“Til, look more candid!”

Forever a sucker for a neon sign.

If you’re looking to check out some cute independent shops with a great selection of restaurants, go check out Exmouth Market in Farringdon.

She always ran away from me when I first moved in but now the little alien has really made herself at home…

Every Wednesday to Friday, lots of different food trucks set up just around the corner from where I work so it’s hard to resist temptation especially on a beautiful, sunny day!

The beef brisket noodles in a numbing spicy broth from YUN was amazing and just like the ones that I’ve had in Hong Kong! <3

We set up a little tea and cake sale for the Mothers Day weekend at work.

Love the colourful fountains on my way home.


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