Sunday 21st April, 2019

James and I arrived in Santorini the night before, picked up our hire car, were given a quick tour of the beautiful Santorini Kastelli Resort that we were staying in and promptly ordered room service as we were starving by 10pm (grilled chicken and vegetables for me and tomato pasta for J) before our heads hit the pillows.

Although the next day provided us with temperatures lower than the heat-wave over the Easter Weekend in England, we made the most of it by fuelling up at the delicious continental breakfast buffet at our resort.

The views from our room make it look much warmer than it actually is, so take this as a reminder that you can’t trust everything that you see on social media 😉

We were staying in Kamari, a seaside village situated on the southeastern coast of Santorini, at the north foot of the Mesa Vouno mountain.

By the beach, there is a long promenade filled with shops, restaurants, taverns and café-bars.

The black sand looks striking against the clear blue water.

Kamari got its name from a small arch (Greek: Kamara) that was part of an ancient sanctuary dedicated to Poseidon.

It stands on the south end of the beach which you can see it in the background of this photo!

As Kamari is quite small and it wasn’t quite the weather for a beach day, we decided to head to the nearby village of Megalochori which was a short drive away.

Megalochori is a picturesque village with a central square which is the heart of the village.

Here, locals gather in the traditional taverns and cafes.

For lunch at Avlogyros Traditional Tavern, we shared Steamed Mussels, Shrimp Saganaki (both delicious) and a bowl of Fried Potatoes with Cheese (basically thick crisps with a bit of cheese on top; nothing on a decent portion of cheesy chips slathered in melted cheddar but it was still fun to try!)

After lunch, we meandered around the cobbled paths, admiring the distinctive buildings, lime trees and the occasional goat.

Their churches are beautiful!

The location of the village offers great views of the caldera on the west and the vast valley on the east, full of vineyards that Megalochori is renowned for.

Next up, we took a short drive to Emporio, the largest village in Santorini.

The village was probably named Emporio (meaning ‘trade’) because it used to be the centre of commercial affairs.

Nowadays, Emporio is a peaceful settlement with traditional houses.

We followed the signs for handmade souvenirs up the winding cobbles…

…passing adorable stray dogs along the way.

We found it!

Imagine if you were minding your own business and came across this guy in an alley…

Gorgeous colours and impractical stairs.

The biggest attraction of Emporio is the medieval castle with a church inside that dates back to the 16th century.

Unfortunately, it was gated up when we got there so we decided to head to Perissa Beach instead and relaxed in the sunshine for a while.

By the early evening, we headed back to our room for a rest before grabbing some Chinese food from Kiwi around the corner.

Gotta get that hot and sour soup fix, y’know?

Hope you enjoyed my little roundup of our first day in Santorini!


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