Our penultimate day in Santorini was also my favourite.

James had very kindly booked for us to go on a Volcano Tour which came highly recommended on Tripadvisor!

The minibus picked us up from our hotel at 8.30am and we were whisked down to the harbour after picking up our squad for the day.

There was a bit of a wait for the boat to arrive so I made James take photos of me.

I let him be in one too.

It’s arrived!

Our first stop was Nea Kameni, a small uninhabited Greek island of volcanic origin located in the Aegean Sea within the flooded Santorini caldera.

Both Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni (which you’ll see in a bit) were the result of the volcano’s most recent activity.

Also, I think this is my favourite out of James’ Summer outfits!

Nea Kameni translates to Young Burnt Island and only began to form 450 years ago and its youngest lava is only 68 years old as of 2018.

We were given 45 minutes to walk around the island before heading back to the boat.

I do lava good walk in the sun 😉

Our next destination was the nearby Palea Kameni which translates to Old Burnt Island.

It’s the second youngest volcanic land in the Eastern Mediterranean, formed less than 2000 years ago.

The boat stops off and there is an option for you to get in the water and enjoy the ‘hot springs’ but judging from Tripadvisor reviews, they were more like ‘warm springs.’

My personal favourite review: “It was a bit like swimming in rusty water that had collected at the bottom of my deteriorating drainpipe on a hot summer’s day” – so we decided to give it a miss and opted to sunbathe on the boat instead.

Our final stop of the day was Therasia, a small island to the West of the main Santorini Island, formed in recent centuries by volcanic activity which marks the centre of the island group.

Our tour guide recommended lunch at Captain John’s Restaurant so we nabbed a table overlooking the harbour and grabbed ourselves a couple of skewers and chips.

James went for the king prawn skewer while I went for the mixed seafood skewer because variety is the spice of life.

Meet James’ ridiculously large (undercooked) prawn.

Despite being a small island, we weren’t given much time to look around after lunch so didn’t get a chance to explore it properly.

Nevertheless, we went for a nice stroll along the harbour, grabbed some ice cream, a fruit smoothie and took a sexy Instax for the memz.

When we got back to the hotel, we made the most of the pool even though it was still really cold but we couldn’t leave without a quick dip.

In the evening, we had a sub-par dinner (less said, the better) and watched Mamma Mia 2 because when in Greece 😉


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