APRIL 2019

Way back in April, before #styleforshelter began (where we invite members of the public to put together outfits from our donations and we take their photos), staff modelled the clothes so here I am in all of my awkward glory.

The grid looks way better now as it’s filled with people with much better poses so go give it a follow: @shelterkingscross

Our first team outing after work – Happy Face Pizza and colourful fountain style.

I managed to grab the last poké bowl of the day for lunch from the Lords of Poké food truck by my work.

Just hanging out with my flatmate’s cat.

Pizza Express catch-up with my bestie/ex-flatmate Sarah and Muesli.

Discovered my new favourite ramen place in London for Hermina’s birthday!


They even do the spicy side veg that I love (may be borderline obsessed with)! <3

A gorgeous little read.

“A convenience store is a world of sound. From the tinkle of the door chime to the voices of TV celebrities advertising new products over the in-store cable network, to the calls of the store workers, the beeps of the bar code scanner, the rustle of customers picking up items and placing them in baskets, and the clacking of heels walking around the store. It all blends into the convenience store sound that ceaselessly caresses my eardrums.”

My bae, Sophia, sent me a little care package from HK before she left to head back to Canada for a while!

Waitrose sushi is sub par.

The most #middleclassproblem of all.

Just me and the ham.

Delicious food at Bucket in Notting Hill, one of my favourite restaurants in London.

A few highlights from our week in Santorini!

As someone who prefers to focus on one task at a time instead of multi-tasking, this is right up my street and a lovely reminder to give your full attention to whatever you’re doing.


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