Our last day in Santorini was beautiful and the best that it had been all week.

Blue skies and a proper scorcher!

Although I’d have loved to have lounged by the pool, reading, swimming and sunbathing to my heart’s content, we had to check out in the morning so decided to head back to Oia to admire it in all of its blue and white glory.

We came across lots of Asian couples getting their wedding photos taken there too, which is absolutely understandable as it’s a gorgeous location.

However, I wonder how many accidents occur when women in their wedding dresses climb up these sites to #getthatshot?

Anyone who’s done the research, come hit me up!

As we enjoyed our meal down at Ammoudi Bay so much last time, we decided to trek down to the water again for lunch at the highly rated Ammoudi Fish Tavern.

To start, we tried the Fava me Koukia (mashed up fava beans) as it came up as one of the top foods to try in Santorini and I love trying new food!

I expected it to taste a bit like hummus, a food I like but don’t love.

But I absolutely loved fava me koukia – it was served hot (I’m generally a much bigger fan of hot food than cold food) and to be honest, it tasted a lot like a delicious creamy mash with a distinctive flavour.

Basically, it was delicious and if you go to Santorini, you must try it here!

For our mains, we went for Shrimp Saganaki and Steamed Mussels which were both superb.

This was one of my favourite meals of the trip…as you may be able to tell by my face!

After lunch, we wandered around the harbour, enjoying the sunshine.

Back up to the town we go!

Ever the fan of finding a good spot for a photo, James found this location on Instagram so that we could get a nice photo with the iconic domes.

This time around, Atlantis Books was open and we couldn’t wait to explore the bookshop that made it to the number one spot of the Top 10 list of the World’s most interesting bookstores in National Geographic’s Destinations of a Lifetime.

“In the spring of 2002, Oliver and Craig spent a week on the island of Santorini. The land inspired them and there was no bookshop, so they drank some wine and decided to open one.”

Two years later, the hypothetical bookstore that the Oxford students had visualized that night began to materialize with the help of friends from Cyprus, England the US.

The shelves are crammed full of literary masterpieces and there’s also a bunker at the back as someone actually lives there.

There’s also a cat and a dog that share the space which makes it lovely and homey.

They are very much against Fifty Shades of Grey and have provided a whole shelf full of sexy literary alternatives.

We really enjoyed our visit and would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Santorini – it’s just charming and the views from the top aren’t bad either!

Oia (pronounced ‘ear’) are a few Instax that we took that day.

Our final stop before heading to the airport for our 9pm flight was Imervogli, a stunning village whose houses are built amphitheatrically around the caldera.

Not far from Oia, much quieter and I’d imagine a little cheaper to stay in, this would be perfect for a relaxing getaway!

As long as you don’t mind all the steep walks 😉

Finally, we headed to the airport and said goodbye to our trusty car for the week.

Side note if you plan on hiring a car for your trip: James recommends paying a little more for an automatic as the steep hills in Santorini are a bit of a nightmare to drive around in a manual, especially when it comes to parking on slopes!


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