Was there any chance we’d be missing out on this picturesque island known for its brightly coloured homes, lace work and casual eateries serving seafood from the lagoon?

BuraNO way.

Plus, it’s an Instagram haven 😉

We also decided to visit the tiny island of Torcello which was a short ferry ride from Burano Island.

After a good recharge and quenching our thirst at an outdoor bar, we walked along the water and caught a bride heading to the church – the perfect weather for a wedding!

And the perfect weather for ice lollies!

The lake was absolutely stunning so of course we took some great photos…

James was adamant that he wanted to make the most of the blue skies by recreating the cover of Call Me By Your Name.

I won’t lie to you, it was bloody difficult to get this selfie while getting the exact right angle of your positioning but as you can see, we know how to make the most of our time in Italy.

Back to the centre of Venice we go!

This time, we didn’t research any restaurants and decided to let fate decide.

We stumbled across a little restaurant in an alleyway whose windows were filled with awards and the menu looked delish and reasonably priced so we decided to give it a go!

Our meal at Osteria Al Mascaron was my favourite of the trip and I got to share it with my hot date:

I never usually get tiramisu as I don’t like the taste of coffee but James insisted that we should try one since we were in Italy and OH MY GOD – IT WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD.


It barely tasted of coffee and it was just a light, chocolately little slice of everything that’s right in the world.

No, YOU’RE being extra about a dessert.

After dinner, we walked along the harbour before visiting Doge’s Palace, one of the city’s main landmarks.

Founded in 1340, and extended and modified in the following centuries, the palace was built in the Venetian Gothic style and it was the residence of the Doge of Venice.

Despite wishing that the palace would be filled with overweight shiba-inus, a doge in this context refers to the supreme authority of the former Venetian Republic.

As it was a Saturday, the palace was open until 11pm which was ideal for us as it meant that we basically had the whole place to ourselves!

Inside, the rooms were absolutely huge with beautiful and intricate paintings and carvings covering every surface.

It really takes your breath away.

As does the view outside.

We also walked along the Bridge of Sighs, which we had passed by yesterday.

The famous name of the bridge dates from the Romantic period and was supposed to refer to the sighs of prisoners who, passing from the courtroom to the cell in which they would serve their sentence, took a last look at freedom as they glimpsed the lagoon and San Giorgio through the small windows.

After a couple of hours roaming the palace, we headed back through St. Marks Square where there was a concert in full swing, boogied a little (yes, I’m in my fifties) and took the bus home.

See you soon for our final day in Venice!



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