JUNE 2019

Nikki’s 28th birthday!

I take full responsibility for the photo choice.

You’re welcome, bbz.

Volunteers’ Week at work.

Koko just being cute.

Cheers @notestostrangers

I bought Basil the minty cat at work and loved him but he fell (I suspect Sophie the real cat) to his untimely death a week later…

A Wahaca feast with these legends.

Taking a walk by the sea in Plymouth before Til and Fred’s wedding.

My first ever UK wedding and it was absolutely beautiful – huge congrats to the gorgeous couple! <3

Lunch in Plymouth with James at the aptly named Authentic Sichuan Restaurant the day after the wedding.

We also paid a visit to Plymouth Aquarium and were lucky enough to see this active octopus – the way that they move is mesmerising!

Josh came to visit and here he is meeting me outside my tube station before a night of Indian takeaway and making him watch Love Island with me and my flatmate, Anna.

Video calling my mate, Morse, who was v excited to see me.

A few highlights from our trip to Venice to celebrate our one year anniversary!


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