On our final day in Venice, James and I headed to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, a modern art museum on the Grand Canal.

Before we visited the gallery, we stumbled across this beautiful church.

The collection is housed in the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, an 18th-century palace, which was the home of the American heiress Peggy Guggenheim for three decades.

She began displaying her private collection of modern artworks to the public seasonally in 1951.

After her death in 1979, it passed to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, which opened the collection year-round from 1980.

The collection includes works of prominent Italian futurists and American modernists working genres such as Cubismm, Surrealism and abstract expressionism.

Its picturesque setting and well-respected collection attract around 400,000 visitors every year making it the most-visited site in Venice after the Doge’s Palace.

James was a big fan of the sculptures.

Lunar Fruit (1936) – Arp

“One of the largest sculptures Arp made, Lunar Fruit approaches the scale of a human being, but it appears suspended between the animal and vegetal worlds. The dips and curves of the form’s three protruding ‘feet’ suggest an ongoing tension between acquiescence and resistance to gravity.”

As you can tell, I totally GOT IT.

After wandering around the whole gallery, we headed back to the centre of Venice.

I had a Rial-to good time in Venice!

(This is Rialto Bridge for those who may be a little confused by my incredibly witty pun)

Canal believe how beautiful it is here.

Of course we couldn’t leave Venice without having tried the best gelato that they had to offer and according to Tripadvisor, Gelatoteca Suso would hit the spot.

We excitedly joined the queue for the popular little parlour where I went for the tiramisu flavour (my new found love) and James had the lemon cookie number – both delish!

It was quite the challenge to eat them in 30 degree heat without getting them all over our hands but was totally worth it!

Thank you so much for taking me to Venice for our first anniversary, Jamon <3


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