NOV – DEC 2019

Carnaby Street’s displays are always on point.

Popped into one of my favourite shops – We Built This City – which has the coolest free mini exhibitions and this time, it was courtesy of the awesome Poppy’s Papercuts.


Great food and company to celebrate Hannah’s birthday at Eat Tokyo!

Celebrating dad’s birthday at Little Lamb Hotpot.

Dim sum at Joy King Lau the next day!

Kinda cute but also glad that I no longer have white hair all over my clothes and bedsheets…

Who did it better: James or Lord Farquaad?

Epic sunset at work.

Look who devoured a chocolate soufflé then fell asleep on the sofa…


A big thank you to everyone who sent me a lovely card <3

Thank you Nikki for my beautiful flowers!

Continuing mine and Em’s joint birthday tradition with a delicious dinner at Casa Tua – they even have padron peppers which gets two big enthusiastic thumbs up from me!

Big thanks to Saz for our cake!

The excessively large knife really adds an edge to this photo, I think.

Further birthday celebrations at Kiln (delicious Thai tapas) with Tina, Hermina, Becca and James.

The custard buns at Bun House are life (even if I did manage to get a lot of custard on my jeans).

The view from my bedroom window in East Finchley – big thanks to Til and Tan for my plant-animal companions <3

Christmas market vibes on my lunch break.

James surprised me with a visit after work so we made the most of the ‘new-vintage-style’ photobooth downstairs!

Worth the hype.

A Christmas night out with our brilliant volunteers!

Sexy escalator selfie with the dream team.

14th December 2019: The day James and I moved into our new flat.

The annual Langton Christmas panto and this year was Aladdin (set in China, of course).

An early Christmas with my family and mum’s home-cooked food is always the best!

Belated birthday celebrations at Fushan with my work baes.

Catching up with Sarah in Angel with a spot of charity shopping and taking her to my favourite ramen joint: Kanada Ya! <3


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