The end of 2019 marks my first year of living and working in London – it’s been a busy one! ✨

  1. I moved flats 3 times (Til and Fred very kindly let me stay with them while I was looking for my own place – Fred’s evil laugh when the creepy kids got booted off The Greatest Dancer is probably my favourite thing, along with Til’s Chicken Tarragon. I met my awesome flatmate, Anna, who has an excellent taste in TV shows, films and sea-based snacks, in East Finchley. Now I’ve moved in with James, a mad lad that happily chooses to spend £42 on a bin.)
  2. I love my job, the amazing team and the opportunities that it’s given me, which I hope to be able to expand on in 2020. So proud that our shop has won an award, as well as being featured in The Telegraph, Timeout, The Evening Standard, The Guardian and Glamour!
  3. Went to my first and second ever British weddings (Til and Fred’s/ Sophie and Luke’s) and had a wonderful time!
  4. Did a capsule wardrobe for a month, as well as Second Hand September (I’ve hardly bought any non-secondhand clothes this year!)
  5. Visited 3 countries (Santorini, Venice, Barcelona – I realise these aren’t countries but #yolo)
  6. Finding my favourite restaurants in London for a hotpot, dim sum, laksa, ramen and pho
  7. Went to 4 gigs, 3 theatre shows and 2 photography exhibitions
  8. Read 33 books

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2020! <3


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