After graduating, I lived and worked in Hong Kong for just under 5 years (2013-2017) and absolutely adored it – the constant great weather, the food, the amazing transport links, my teaching salary, being with my extended family, making new best friends, the views, how easy it was to travel to the rest of South East Asia.

I could go on and if you ask me about my time in Hong Kong, I could talk your ear off about it and wouldn’t even be sorry!

If you really can’t wait for me to talk at you for an hour – I’ve written up about the pros and cons of living in this Special Administrative Region.

Unfortunately, I came to realise that although I liked teaching (sometimes), I didn’t LOVE it.

I ended up quitting my third teaching job and tried applying for work in other areas with no luck.

Here’s the diverse range of jobs I applied for:

  • Writing for an online magazine that my friend also worked at. I managed to get 2 interviews with them but my friend got let go. I’m not sure if that affected things but they never got back to me.
  • Writing for another online magazine, along with the receptionist role.
  • I looked for roles in recruitment to recruit English teachers but had no luck.
  • As I decided for a few months that I wanted to open a café in HK (LOL), I applied to get onto a business course at a Hong Kong university before realising that coffees and cake probably wouldn’t turn a profit considering how extortionately expensive HK rent is.
  • I also applied for a culinary course but to even attend the interview, I’d have to pay £50 so I did what any sane person would do: I sent them a passive aggressive email. It turned out that I didn’t want to be a chef that badly.
  • Finally, I looked into a few charity roles, which are very limited in HK, but they all understandably required you to be able to read and write Chinese which I couldn’t.

So that’s why I’ve been back in the UK since November 2017.

I now work for a charity in London but realised that most of my HK photos are on my old blog so I wanted to do a roundup of my favourite photos on here too, if only for me to look back on.

Let the photo diary begin!


Having arrived in Hong Kong in mid January, I fell in love with the city very quickly.

I started my first teaching job, lived in Tuen Mun (where there was an amazing rooftop pool), was introduced to my one true love (Japanese buffets) by March, discovered my favourite chain of vintage shops for my fix of $5 shirts and the beautiful Palm Beach. I also went on my first (and last) junkboat – I’m fine when the boat is moving or if I’m in the water but if I’m on the boat while it’s stopped in the middle of the sea, I get extremely seasick. Hope you enjoyed that fun fact.

Luckily, my friend Rico, who I met on the CELTA teacher training course, had also moved to Hong Kong so it was great to have a familiar face around and I became friends with his friends as well. My mate, Jess, also moved over to teach for a year in August 🙂

I was very grateful to have Sarah and Leo visit me in my first year, too!



My first visit to Art Basel, devoured many of the BEST satay chicken skewers and thai red seafood curries (cheers Jess), made it to the natural infinity pool in Tai O before it shut down, met Rico’s awesome sister Joee (who had just moved to HK) at my birthday meal, and I had many lovely visitors in the form of Phoebe Josh, Marianne, Em and Harry!



Lots of Japanese buffets and hotpots, went back to the UK for a month (the first time since I arrived in HK) to catch up with friends and family, visited my new favourite beach in Sai Kung (Tai Long Wan), made friends with Kanna through a mutual friend and started at my second teaching job in July where I met the weirdo that is Sally (and later on, Hermina).

In September, I moved to a much more central location. In that month, I also met Sophia who’s awesome but we didn’t get to spend much time together as she was only here for a 6 month internship and left in October – but she promised to return…


See you soon for part 2 😉


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