I ended the contract at my second teaching job after I’d completed the first year and went travelling for 7 months from July – something that I’d saved up for the entire time that I’d been in HK.

Although the salary was great, I got on really well with my bosses and was lucky enough to have made a friend for life –the long hours really took it out of me. The work was a lot more challenging than my previous workplace and although I enjoyed the challenge, I found myself burning out and having very little energy by the end of each day. I loved my students, a lot of whom brightened my day, but there was a big element of performance in teaching to keep your students engaged and I found that difficult to keep up with in the long run.

Also, my commute took around 40 minutes each way whereas my previous workplace was a 10 minute walk from my flat (if that). That’s probably why there aren’t many photos here for the first half of the year that I spent in Hong Kong as I was most likely recuperating at home on my days off.


My plan had been to find work in Melbourne which was the last stop on my travels.

I was offered work as an au-pair with two lovely families but decided to turn them down as although I really liked Melbourne, I missed Hong Kong and knew that it couldn’t compare for me.

So in mid January, I headed home to Hong Kong and was very grateful that my auntie let me stay with her – my cousins live in Melbourne so there were rooms spare!

I loved being back, catching up with friends, eating all of my favourite food that I’d missed and discovering my new favourite café (Mum’s Not Home).

As I didn’t feel ready to get back to full time work, I worked part time as a waitress at Mrs Pound, a cool little restaurant disguised as a locksmith (which has now unfortunately shut down) and Foxglove, it’s bougier older sister – a speakeasy with live bands hidden behind an umbrella shop.

By May, I decided to get back into working full time – I had no luck trying to find work in a new area so ended up teaching again. I met some really lovely people at my third teaching job but the owner wasn’t the best – I decided to leave after my 6 month probation was up. Around the same time, my nan very sadly passed away.

As I hadn’t had any luck looking for non-teaching work in Hong Kong, I was due to head back for my brother’s Masters graduation in November and one of my best friends, Sarah, said that she had a spare room in her flat in the UK with lots of charity opportunities in her area – I took her up on her offer and booked a one way ticket back to the UK.

For the longest time, I missed Hong Kong (and still do), along with my lifestyle there but I needed to find work that was right for me so for now, London – you’ll do!



Thank you for reading if you’ve made it this far.

All of this will be in my autobiography when fame is inevitably thrust upon me – but until then, hope you enjoyed the post! <3


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