MARCH 2020

What a month March was!

I only worked 10 days at the shop as I’d accrued quite a lot of annual leave that I needed to take before 1st April and our shop officially closed on the 23rd March.

We worked from home as much as we could, from doing mandatory online modules, updating our new Depop account to working on promoting our #StyleforShelterDIY project on Instagram.

However, from today until the end of May, I am officially on furlough so I’m sure there’ll be a lot more blog posts as I attempt to keep myself busy!

Earlier in the month, Hannah and I headed to Elephant and Castle to check out all the charity shops (there’s lots there so would definitely recommend, they can be a bit hit and miss but I managed to pick up two copies of my favourite books in perfect condition for 50p each!)

We walked to Camberwell and wanted to have lunch in Wuli Wuli as our manager/friend, Hattie, had raved about it but unfortunately they were almost closing by the time we got there (a great excuse to head back when things go back to normal).

Instead, we had some delicious Vietnamese food for lunch at Van Hing.

The prices were low and the portions were huge and delicious – as you can see, we slightly over-ordered!

Besides my beloved Shelter KX, the Crisis charity shops are without a doubt the best around! Every single one I’ve been to has been bloody cool, for lack of a better word.

The visual merchandising is brilliant and I think that Crisis Camberwell might be one of my new favourites <3

Plus, the fact that they only have 9 shops makes me feel that they put a lot of love into what they have. #justanindiekidatheart

Anna introduced me to On the Bab for Korean food and it was great!

I thought that the fried chicken was good but the standout dishes for me were the Kimchi Jiggae and  Seaweed Salad!

I’m a big fan of light, statement earrings so I fell in love with this pair in Monki!

This was meant to be a leaving meal for Vic who was off on her travels but unfortunately it’s all been postponed.

At least we managed to have an amazing meal though – I love Kanada Ya so much!

James using the most expensive mirror in the world.

That time I worked from home.

A little snippet of our Depop page.

So lucky that the beautiful Holland Park is our closest park.

A colourful lunch.

Another day, another walk.

Big thanks to Hannah for this cute little pin – presents when you least expect it are the best kind 😉

Some delicious snack recommendations for you:

The original orange ones are equally delicious!

As James hadn’t left the house in 6 days (he’s not ill, just a bit weird), his mentor at work set him a challenge of walking for 15 minutes around our area and finding as many different types of leaves as he could. Naturally, I went with him because it was nice to finally have some company on my walks
At the end, he had to take a photo of all the different types of leaves that we found and send it to his WhatsApp group to see if he beat the competition. I’d recommend it as a fun addition to your daily walk! You could do it as a challenge with your friends too

Finally, I will leave you with my view for the next few months…

Love in the Time of Corona: Portrait of a millennial with his most prized possessions (toilet roll, anti-bacterial gel and a robot hoover).

Hope you’re all staying safe and looking after yourselves!



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