Happy Monday everyone and to all of you in the UK, welcome to Week 5 of Lockdown!

It is currently 12.11pm – I’ve replied to all my messages, had leftover chocolate banana bread for breakfast, did all the washing up, powered through my 30 minute workout video (aka did the childs pose during the planking section because I cannot plank to save my life), had a shower, poured myself a glass of water and have sat down at my desk to write this blog post that’s been on my ‘to do’ list for quite a long time.

My favourite kind of YouTube videos to watch are vlogs because I’m nosy and love to see what other people in their twenties are up to!

I’ve attempted to watch quite a few different vloggers in the past 6 years but have found many of them to be either incredibly annoying/boring/just not the type of content that I want to watch.

It’s a bit like searching for a good online date/new pal.

These are the 5 that I go back to time and time again.


I’m sure that Zoe needs no introduction and her vlogs were the first that I ever watched, around 6 years ago. I remember stumbling across her videos when I watched a video where she interviewed One Direction – I was most likely low key stalking Harry Styles at the time.

Back then, she had her main channel ‘Zoella’ where she uploaded her more polished videos with hauls, monthly favourites, lookbooks, collaborations etc. Whereas I always preferred the more casual ‘More Zoella’ (now the only channel that she uses, rebranded as ‘Zoe Sugg’) where she posts vlogs of her day to day life and I’m a big fan.

Her house is incredible and she’s great for style inspo; I love that not every vlog is super eventful and it’s always a nice, easy watch when you’re not in the mood for watching a series/film.


I came across Ashley’s videos last year when I was searching for thrifting videos to watch during my lunch break at work and she is officially my new favourite YouTuber!

She describes her channel as: ‘fashion, thrifting, and other misadventures of a 20-something college graduate clinging to her glory days when she won the best dressed senior superlative. all served with a spicy side of dry humor’.

As a UCLA film graduate, her videos are so creative and well made.

Bonus: she’s dry, hilarious and incredibly smart too.

Having found incredible success on YouTube after years of hard work, she recently moved to New York from L.A by herself at 21 – showing that hard work and passion can really pay off!

Her videos are a mix of styling outfits, apartment makeovers, general chatty videos, thrifting, vlogs and most recently, her life in New York and fashion week!

As her channel name would suggest, her outfits are always excellent.

I left school over a decade ago but these outfits are great.

You are enough, just as you are.


I’ve been following Jenn for a long time and her videos are brilliant and really well put together– a mix of vlogs, outfit styling, cooking, advice, beauty tips, book recommendations and more!

She’s Korean American, born and raised in LA, and I loved watching this video on her struggles – as it’s obviously something that a lot of people can relate with, but isn’t something that’s discussed much in mainstream media.

It prompted me to write about my own experiences of growing up British Born Chinese.

If, like me, you are someone who loves putting a good photo together but doesn’t know how to look natural in a photo by yourself, this video is for you!


I only stumbled across Cari’s videos earlier this year and I love them. She’s an American who lives in Seoul and shares beautiful vlogs on her daily life, solo travelling and what she’s reading etc.

I find her videos relaxing to watch, she picks the best music and always manages to find beauty in the ordinary. Her voice is also relaxing to listen to, unlike a lot of loud and obnoxious YouTubers. Oh, and she looks a lot like Pam from the U.S. Office!

This is my all-time favourite video of her’s from her visit to my favourite place, Hong Kong.

She really captures its beauty and essence.


Sha’an is an illustrator and published author from Sydney so she doesn’t post as many videos as the others in this list but when she does, the videos are gorgeous and also have excellent soundtracks.

Her videos consist of studio/holiday vlogs, hauls and drawing cartoons from memory with her adorable boyfriend, Rocket.

I hope you found something new and fun to watch and hit me up if you have any recommendations! <3


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