APRIL 2020

Welcome to: The Adventures of Queenie on Furlough in Lockdown!

Firstly, I can establish that my attempt to social distance from the fridge is weak.

As James’ mum had sent us a box of fruit and veg and we couldn’t get through the extra bananas quick enough…

I finally gave in and baked banana bread.

No complaints though I love learning new recipes and it was delish!

I used the Kate La Vie recipe that I’d seen lots of people raving about online and it’s brilliant and super easy.

As there were long delivery times on weighing scales online, I’d previously been a little hesitant to bake. However, I needn’t have worried as you can simply convert the weight into ml online and measure everything out in a measuring jug!

I didn’t use Kate’s Cinnamon Butter recipe simply because I had cream leftover from when I made Eton Mess but I might try it next time.

Pub quizzes on House Party with friends <3

Hannah very kindly sent me this beautiful card that she created – what a dreamboat!

Making the most of the sunshine.

Blue skies and sunny days are the best for a walk to the park.

Where all the blogging action happens.

Weekend brunch.


My anaconda don’t want none unless you got brioche buns, hun.

A little self-timer snap for my blog post on Charity Shopping in London.

The crust is my least favourite part of quiche and M&S have come through with the goods.

Discovered my doppelganger on Instagram.

When we moved here in the winter, this tree was completely bare but now it’s leafy af.

The resemblance is uncanny.

More beautiful blooms in Holland Park.

Thought I’d take a few selfies with my new BFF (the fridge).

I’ve lost it.

Life hack: When you can’t hang out with your friends, hang out of your living room window.

The perfect spot to catch those cheeky rays in the early evening.

Discovered my new favourite seaweed snack in Waitrose!

James has been struggling without his monthly haircuts.

Ultimate comfort food.

This is why you’ll rarely see me in white.

Bloomin’ lovely

A bit like that scene in Crazy Rich Asians except I’m not rich.

I love wontons so much.

It used to be my favourite thing to order in Hong Kong when I was little.

He hasn’t left the house in almost 2 weeks (not ill, just weird) so he’s gone outdoors on virtual reality at night instead…

Sarah (best mate/ex flatmate) posted this photo of Muesli and I love it so much <3

We rewatched all of Friday Night Dinner this month and James showed me this on Reddit and I found it absolutely hilarious.

I read 6 books this month 🙂

Finally, I’ll leave this here for whoever needs it.

Hope everyone is doing ok and have a lovely weekend! <3


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