Unless I’m travelling, I never keep a daily diary because it’s simply not something that I want to spend my time on.

I much prefer compiling all of my favourite memories and photos monthly on this blog, which I find easier to manage and much more enjoyable to create.

Nevertheless, I wanted to put together a more in-depth post to talk about my daily routine whilst being on furlough during these unprecedented times.

Last week, lockdown was eased which meant that we could be out for more than an hour at a time and not just for food-shopping or exercise, as long as we still keep our social distance and ‘stay alert.’

The weather was abysmal last week so I spent the majority of it at home anyway.

Week 8 of lockdown was quite a struggle for me as my mood and motivation is dependent on the weather most of the time – so obviously moving back to the UK was a really smart idea…

Every day begins between 9-10am, checking my phone and replying to messages in bed, breakfast and washing the dishes from the night before so I’ll skip that part in all the diary entries to avoid repetition.

Monday 11th May

  • The epic dance starts at 15 minutes in, you’re welcome.

  • Finished reading Starter for Ten, which I thought was so funny and well written – I’d expect nothing less from David Nicholls!

  • Cooked a prawn pad thai for dinner
  • Watched 2 episodes of The Office and Never Have I Ever (a great little Netflix comedy written by Mindy Kaling featuring a mainly minority-ethnic cast which I loved) – big thanks to Nikki for the recommendation!

Tuesday 12th May

  • Made a weekly meal plan and did the food shop at Lidl
  • Marinated chicken in Reggae Reggae sauce for dinner in the afternoon
  • Put on the laundry
  • Have lunch
  • Started reading The Gum Thief by Douglas Coupland (I liked the idea of the book but didn’t like any of the characters or the writing style)
  • I forgot to buy tin foil to cook the corn on the cob for dinner so headed to the newsagents across the road to get some (along with a packet of McCoys chip-shop salt and vinegar crisps, a candle and a big bottle of Coke for James)
  • Watched last episode of Never Have I Ever and the most recent 2 episodes of Killing Eve (I don’t love it as much as previous seasons as I’m not really sure where it’s going but still a good watch, overall)

Wednesday 13th May

  • Tried a new exercise video in the lounge (I usually do it in the bedroom but James had gone back to bed as he was tired) – it was a really difficult workout with lots of push ups and planks which I can’t do so I definitely won’t be doing that one again!
  • Headed to Lidl to pick up a few more essentials that weren’t previously in stock, mainly frozen prawns as we get through a lot of them in a week
  • Cooked lunch and watched two episodes of the US Office
  • Read book, replied to messages, did the washing up
  • 6-7pm: Video call with Anna
  • Had dinner and watched The Office
  • Watched 4 episodes of Normal People (it’s bloody brilliant and far exceeded my expectations)

Thursday 14th May

  • Didn’t feel up to exercising today
  • Washed hair and had lunch
  • The weather was a bit better today so I went for a walk around the neighbourhood and bought a few bits from Waitrose while James did his work presentation
  • Read on the balcony (finished The Gum Thief and started Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng which I loved)
  • Hannah was in the area with her brother so we had a socially-distanced chat by my front door which was great!
  • Had dinner, watched the US Office and 4 episodes of Normal People

Friday 15th May

  • Did a 30 minute workout video
  • Emailed Jess my baby photo for the baby shower guessing game

  • Chatted to mum on the phone
  • Laundry and washing up
  • Read on balcony
  • Read book, bath and bed

Saturday 16th May

  • Get up at around 11.30am
  • Bought James’ birthday present online
  • Put away laundry
  • 30 minute exercise video
  • Lunch
  • Read inside as too cold to read on the balcony
  • Dinner and the US Office
  • Watched the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (James’ choice; I actually prefer the Tim Burton version)
  • Read and sleep

Sunday 17th May

  • 30 minute workout video
  • Put summer clothes in wardrobe and winter clothes back into suitcases
  • Lunch and 2 episodes of the US Office
  • 4-7pm: Til’s surprise virtual baby shower
  • 7.15-8.30pm: Zoom call with Sarah, Marianne and Sadie.
  • Chinese takeaway for dinner and watched 2 episodes of the US Office
  • Watched 2 episodes of Normal People and slept at 12.45am.

Hope you enjoyed this little insight into a typical week for me in lockdown on furlough.

This week has been much better weather-wise, so I’ve managed to do a bit more reading at the park and on the balcony!


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