MAY 2020

May was truly a month of big changes in terms of the UK easing of lockdown on the 13th; now we can spend extended periods outside socially-distanced, not just for exercise and grocery shopping.

Secondly, the 25th tragically marked the police killing of George Floyd which sparked a new wave of protests and the biggest civil rights movement in history. There is so much work to be done here and I really need to educate myself more and I hope you have been too!

There were quite a few hot and sunny days in May which I was incredibly grateful for and spent a lot of time reading and admiring the spring blooms in and on my way to Holland Park.

I’ve also loved seeing lots of brilliant rainbow drawings in support of the NHS workers on the front line.

Til’s surprise baby shower on Zoom!

Em made this beautiful slide of the events.

Y’know what they say, there ain’t no fun like organised fun!

My round was on naming baby animals so I thought I’d treat you to some of the photos that I used!

There was also a week where the weather was grim pretty much every day, so this is where I spent most of my time.

I read eight books last month, so I’ve decided to write a separate post to chat about them – else this blog post will be ludicrously long (that’s what she said).

James also bought a puzzle for us to do but we massively overestimated our ability levels.

We took about an hour just finding the pieces for the edges and only managed to connect 4 pieces together between us.

All the colours and patterns look so similar…we haven’t attempted it since.

Instead, we have enjoyed a few games of Monopoly (my favourite boardgame) and obviously I am the reigning champion.

Just built a few villages and keeps on the most expensive stretch on land, nbd.

This is where you’ll find James when he’s not working/studying.

Love a good sunset.

Gorgeous drawing by my pal, Sally <3

My cousin’s baby, Johann, modelling the Thortful card that I got them.

James barely leaves the house, so this is the most sunlight he gets (he’s not ill, just weird).

As you may be able to tell, I am a big fan of this Instagram filter.

Just waiting for Starbucks and Pringles to sponsor this top-quality content.

Despite having visited Holland Park numerous times in the past few months, I always took the same route home but I decided to mix things up on my way back and came across the beautiful Holland Park Mews.

James turned 27!

Of course, he wanted a Chinese takeaway for dinner and they always write cute messages on the boxes.

Don’t ask why but James has always wanted a nightshirt, so his mum got him one for his birthday…

Like a young Ebenezer Scrooge.

And she bought him this candle which smelt delightful!

Casual kitchen selfie with my recipe sheets.

My first attempt at a lemon drizzle cake using Ghenet’s recipe and it was pretty good!

Another new recipe for me: mango mochis made in the microwave.

I used this recipe by Kiyafries as recommended by my friend Sophia and it was pretty good – but next time I’ll make sure that the mango chunks are thinner for more consistently round shapes and will try making them with coconut milk instead of water for a bit of extra flavour.

Love cooking in the golden hour light.

I hadn’t cooked pho in ages so decided to give it a whizz one evening.

I’ll leave you with a few lunches and snacks that I enjoyed on the ‘balcony’ aka the small extended roof area of our neighbour’s lounge.

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!


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