JUNE 2020

I feel like I blinked and June is almost over!

It was the month that James and I finally got round to picking framed prints for the flat and put them up…better 6 months late than never!

These are the prints from Desenio in our bedroom (they’re brilliant and would thoroughly recommend) and James has put up some World of Warcraft ones in the lounge.

This is the first KFC that we’ve had this year which, if you know me, is quite shocking as I grew up having it pretty much every weekend!

Big thanks to Sally for my gorgeous drawing and card <3

If you enjoy the smell of freshly baked cookies, this is the candle for you.

I finally got around to watching The Marvellous Mrs Maisel after hearing so many rave reviews and it is absolutely brilliant – a new favourite series of mine!

Sex quiz on Zoom for Vic’s birthday

Sunset from the flat

James finished his final exam of the LPC and our favourite Japanese restaurant reopened for delivery – what a time to be alive!

We left London for the first time in 3 months and it was so good to have fish and chips in the park, do part of the Long Walk by the castle and I had my first Mr Whippy of the year which is always a momentous occasion!

We also caught up with James’ family at a social distance in their garden which was lovely.

In the evening, I attempted to make a prawn laksa for the first time – it was delicious and really easy (I used a laksa paste from the Chinese supermarket).

Em came to visit for a socially-distanced picnic at the park and it was so good to be able to properly catch up in person!

We didn’t take any photos last weekend but this popped up on my newsfeed on the morning of our meet-up, 11 years ago at our year 13 prom, so I thought that would be a nice little throwback to pop in here <3

Finally, I’ll leave you with a snap of me on one of the rare occasions where I actually made an effort to do my hair and make-up…


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