JULY 2020

After over 3 months of lockdown, UK restrictions gradually begun to ease in July with many cafes, bars and restaurants reopening and most importantly, I was able to see my friends again!

James and I headed over to Kew Gardens to meet Sarah, Sam and Rory, which was my favourite day since the beginning of lockdown!

We were so lucky to have glorious weather and Kew Gardens is always so beautiful; it was great to be in a big open space with all that gorgeous nature.

I didn’t spot The Hive on my first visit two years ago but so glad I did this time as it was quite the sight to behold!

I was also ecstatic to finally get my hair cut as it was getting way too long for my liking!

We received this leaflet through the post from Buns From Home and our next morning started with 2 free freshly-baked croissant buns! The cinnamon one was delish but I’m not a huge cardamon fan (though I’m sure you’d love it if you are). This is such a wholesome and lovely idea and I’ll definitely be ordering more cinnamon buns in the future!

This was my first restaurant visit since the beginning of lockdown so of course we had to go all out for Tina’s birthday lunch!

The food at Sushisamba was delicious and we were very happy to have been able to tick it off our overflowing ‘London restaurants’ lists.

The interior of the Covent Garden branch is beautiful; the staff were really kind in indulging us with a mini photoshoot and showing us the best spots in the restaurant!

When you can’t go abroad, play tourist in your own city!

It was also wonderful to finally catch up with Til and Fred and their gorgeous new addition, Freya, at Richmond Park.

Pink sky at night…

  1. One of my most exciting purchases this month was these 99p padron peppers from Lidl (they’re so easy to cook and SO YUM; I’ve bought about 8 packs since!)
  2. James and I popped over to Longacres Garden Centre one weekend – we love the little food shop there. I picked up this sesame sauce which is delish!
  3. Bought this for James as part of his celebration present for getting a distinction in his LPC (he’s incredibly clever) and the cheesecake is amazing! Even the lady who served me at the till said she loves it.
  4. Attempted to make my own hot and sour soup with an instant sauce pack that I bought from the local Chinese supermarket which was pretty tasty, but nowhere near as good as the ones that we get from the takeaway!

The girls and I headed back to work on the 20th to set up the shop and officially reopened on the 27th – do pop by and say hello!

Celebrating Hannah’s last day with Shelter at Regents Park!

Although we’re sad to see her go, it’s so good to see her moving onto bigger and better things 😀

Pizza on Primrose Hill

Loved all these books that I found at the chazzas <3

Finally, I’ll leave you with this.

You’re welcome!

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!


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