It’s been just over 2 weeks since James and I returned from our first trip to the Lake District and I’m very happy to finally have a moment to put this blog post together.

We were there for just under a week and absolutely loved it – I’d recommend staying for longer if you can!

Friday 7th August

  • After driving for around 6 hours from London, James and I finally arrived at our Airbnb in Ambleside at around 8pm.
  • We loved staying there as it was incredibly cosy, the bed was so big and it felt like we were sleeping in a cloud, it was lovely to be surrounded by so much nature and the location was brilliant.
  • For an easy dinner, we grabbed a Chinese takeaway from The Lucky Dragon, which was only a 10-minute walk from the cottage.
  • While waiting for our takeaway, we grabbed some breakfast bits for the week from the local Tesco and watched Wedding Crashers when we got back. James also used his boy scouts’ skills to light a cosy fire!

Saturday 8th August

  • I woke up at around 8.30am, grabbed some breakfast and read outside while waiting James to emerge from his slumber.
  • We eased ourselves into hiking with a 15-minute jaunt to see the Stock Ghyll Force waterfall before grabbing a cheeky Greggs for lunch. I also devoured a delicious sour cherry gelato from Gelato Casa Bella next door.
  • We took a 45-minute walk to the absolutely stunning Rydal Water and James was keen to check out Rydal Caves too.
  • After all that walking, we chilled at home for an hour before grabbing dinner at Hooked in Windemere (the oysters were great but I’d avoid the mussels in black bean sauce unless you’re a big fan of salt and not actually being able to taste the mussels).

Sunday 9th August

  • James drove us to Buttermere through Honister Pass which took about an hour
  • Despite entering the postcode for the car park in Buttermere village, we ended up unknowingly parking at Gatesforth Farm which was a 2.5 mile (45 minute) walk to Buttermere village, but we didn’t mind too much as the walk actually ended up being one of the highlights of trip as the scenery was so beautiful
  • We grabbed a lunch of sausage baps and ice cream at the lovely Croft House Farm Café before chilling by Buttermere Lake
  • For dinner, we had our leftover Chinese food from our first night accompanied by Street Food on Netflix and Gavin and Stacey.

Monday 10th August

  • Our day started with kayaking on Windemere Lake from 12-2pm which James was really good at but I’m definitely not a natural!
  • For lunch, we headed over to Ambleside Fish and Chips by the lake – delicious views all round.
  • After a busy few days, we decided to have a chilled one at the cottage.
  • In the evening, we grabbed a takeaway from Ishaas Indian Eatery which was fine but nothing spectacular.
  • Finally got around to watching Peanut Butter Falcon which was pretty good!

Tuesday 11th August

  • We decided to not travel too far today so drove 15 minutes to Tarn Hows.
  • My plan was to go for a relaxing walk around the lake, which was meant to take an hour, but James saw a sign for a waterfall, so we went in search of that instead.
  • Unfortunately, it wasn’t well-signposted at all, so we ended up getting a bit lost for 2.5 hours instead. We did eventually find the waterfall but all I’m saying is that TLC had a point…
  • By the time we returned to the lake, we were quite hungry and there was no food nearby, so we headed to Coniston for lunch at the lovely Bluebird Café.
  • After lunch, I took my first swim in Coniston Waters though it took a long time to actually pick up the courage to because it was still pretty cold despite being the height of summer.
  • At 5.30pm, we had an early evening dinner at the Old Stamp House, which was an enjoyable experience, but the food wasn’t quite as amazing as I’d hoped, considering it’s a Michelin Starred restaurant.

Wednesday 12th August

  • We grabbed an outdoor brunch at the family-run Fresher’s Café which we really enjoyed!
  • The initial plan was to go on a hike in either Keswick or Ullswater, but we figured that wouldn’t be the best idea in 28-degree weather so headed to Rydal Water again instead.
  • About an hour after we arrived, the dark clouds rolled in, we admitted defeat and set off on the walk home. Unfortunately, we got absolutely drenched and couldn’t manage to grab a taxi. We walked along the main road and tried to get on the bus, but the driver wouldn’t let us on as he wasn’t at an official stop, despite the fact that the traffic was going slower than the pace that we were walking. Luckily, a really kind guy stopped and asked if we wanted a lift as he was headed in our direction anyway (hi Cameron if you’ve somehow hunted me down and are reading this!)
  • After a nice hot shower and recharge, we had dinner at Jintana Thai Restaurant through the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme – the starters were delish, but I wouldn’t recommend the Thai green curry as it was pretty watery and not that flavourful.

Thursday 13th August

  • Our final full day in the Lake District started with stand-up paddle boarding on Windemere Lake. As a first timer, I was fully prepared to fall in the water but actually found it quite easy and relaxing so that was a pleasant surprise!
  • Another healthy lunch of Greggs vegan sausage roll and a scoop of blueberry lemonade gelato from Gelato Casa Bella
  • We headed back to the cottage where I read by the water for an hour or so before a Japanese feast at Auradaze.
  • This was hands-down my favourite meal of the week! We had the 6 course omakase (‘trust the chef’ tasting menu) and the food was insane, some of the best Japanese food I’ve ever had. It was run by a really friendly family in a 10-seater restaurant, where they made the effort to learn everyone’s names and explained every dish to us in lots of detail which I really liked! As it was a mobile-free zone, I didn’t take any photos, but my highlights were the miso, shiitake mushroom and scallop soup and the scallop nigiri – the portion sizes were so generous, I’ve never had such thick slices of sashimi before! Everything was incredibly fresh and flavourful – I honestly couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Friday 14th August

We checked out at 10am and made our way back to London.

There’s still so many spots in the Lake District that I’d love to check out, so I’ll definitely be back!

Hope everyone’s having a lovely bank holiday weekend and let me know if you have any recommendations for my next visit <3


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