Dear Denim Shorts,

I remember the exact moment that I first laid eyes on you way back in 2011 at Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair. When I tried you on in the loos (there were no changing rooms), you fit perfectly, and I knew that it was meant to be. Since then, we’ve been on day trips, nights out and travelled the world together. I’ve loved every minute of our time together – even the times when I had to undo your top button after numerous big meals.

While I was looking through photos of our time together, I came across so many great memories! I felt that it would be nice to have this little online space to look back on our relationship, which spanned years longer than any romantic relationship that I’ve ever had.

It’s been a wonderful 8 years, but alas, the multiple banana breads that I baked during lockdown had other ideas. When I tried to put you on this summer, I could barely get you over my thighs! As I almost turn 30, it’s perfectly normal that I’ll no longer be the size that I once was.

Thank you for the good times and for making me look cooler than I am. I hope you bring your new owner, who snapped you up at the charity shop, as much joy as you brought me!



9th October 2011: Where it all began.


Proof of your versatility in being just as well suited to a daytrip in Brighton as a night out in Southampton.


This year, I channelled a summertime Where’s Wally look when visiting the Big Buddha in Hong Kong.

I don’t think the Buddha ever spotted me!

Sarah came to visit in August which was brilliant – these snaps were taken in Kowloon Park, Fa Yuen Street Market and Mong Kok.


Visits from some of my wonderful pals, where I got to play tour guide in Hong Kong.

Day trips included:

  • The Peak, where Josh was genuinely ecstatic to see so much fog instead of the usual iconic view of the skyscrapers from the top (that is the level of positivity that I aim to aspire to)
  • Cheung Chau Island a.k.a. the only place where I can ride a bike
  • Lamma Island where I had such a fun day with Em and Harry!


My first trip to Japan in April where the weather was quite hit and miss but fear not – these shorts look just as good with a pair of tights!


Arguably the best year of my life so far where I’d finally saved up enough to be able to travel for 6 months!

The photos featured here include a hike in Hong Kong and trips to: Seoul, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo and Vietnam.

A very well-travelled pair of shorts, indeed.


“All these air conditioning units but I still couldn’t blow you away.”

A fun day out with Sophia on Peng Chau island and a bubble party down by the harbour, obviously wowing the children with my bubble-collecting prowess.


This year, my shorts and I celebrated Nikki’s 27th birthday at the beach, went on a first date with James, had a fun day of shooting photos with Nikki in Poole and took a trip back to my beloved Hong Kong.


Ah, our final year together – and what a good one it was!

James very kindly treated me to a treat to Santorini and on the final day, it was hot enough to give my shorts a spin in the sunshine!

Have you got any items of clothing that you adore and wear all the time too?

I’d love to hear about them if so <3



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