R.I.P to the UK’s final month of summer this year!

Starting the month right with a day of charity shopping on Marylebone High Street and chowing down on delicious poke bowls at Ahi Poke in Fitzrovia with Sarah.

I was also really excited to pick up two books that have been high on my ‘to read’ list for a while at the chazzas!

I’ve devoured both already and absolutely loved The Flat Share <3

I attempted to make a poke bowl at home for the first time and it went pretty well!

A day trip to the Walthamstow Wetlands with James.

Helping out with the social media posts at the opening of the beautiful new Boutique by Shelter in Primrose Hill.

I stocked up on candles and was so happy to find a copy of The Testaments there too!

Go and check it out, it’s a wonderful shop.

My manager was inspired by a COS advert that she came across, so we tried to recreate something similar using the donations at work.

Tania, our part time assistant manager, put together a brilliant display entitled ‘Waste-Land’ for London Design Week.

Saturday morning.

James and I hit up Portobello Market.

I found this book that I’d first come across in a Waterstones a while ago, so I was excited to grab a copy from the Oxfam there.

While the story was quite interesting, I didn’t feel attached to any of the characters and didn’t personally love the writing style.

The cover is undeniably beautiful though.

Where are my Paddington 2 fans at?!

Big thanks to my suga mama pal Hannah for this excellent second-hand top and black culottes <3

My first post-lockdown hotpot buffet with Tina and it was glorious!

Eggcellent graffiti on the tube.

Finally got around to trying Padella in Shoreditch with Hannah!

The last time we’ll be able to enjoy an alfresco lunch this year…

The olives were incredible but the crab tagliarini didn’t blow me away.

Nevertheless, I’d still love to go back and try some of their other dishes.

Exploring Brick Lane.

Dessert courtesy of Soft Serve Society in Shoreditch.

The view from the sofa when I’m reading.

We finally set up the Shoes Have Names exhibition at work for London Craft Week.

Ten international artists, shoemakers and designers were paired up with a person that Shelter has helped through its frontline services to create a shoe that reflects their journey and taking positive steps forward.

It will be running until October 7th so do pop by and check it out if you can!

My favourite green tea, just in case you were wondering.

A few more charity shop finds that I’ve enjoyed this month.

I picked these up earlier this week at the chazzas on Kensington High Street and am currently reading Our Stop.

Finally, I’ll leave you with this friendly reminder not to compare your behind the scenes with someone’s highlight reel on social media 😉


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