If art prints and stationery didn’t float your boat, hopefully these jewellery choices and candles will blow you away…


I only wear gold jewellery so you’ll notice that all of my personal favourites will be in gold but fear not, most of these sites have silver options too so there’s something for everyone!


I’d been searching for a long time for the perfect set of gold necklaces that would bring all of my outfits together. It had to be the right length, thickness, quality, weight, colour, combination etc.

Although the high street shops were full of gold necklaces, I hadn’t found the right ones for me and I knew that I wanted something good quality that would last, rather than going green like my previous Topshop necklace.

Finally, I stumbled across this set on Etsy and the rest was history. I went for the small set and they’re absolutely perfect; I wear them with most of my outfits. They are a little bit pricy as the chain is made of 18K gold, but I know the cost per wear will make them a great investment!

You might even say that they’re worth their weight in gold…

I’ll see myself out.


“Little Nell is a UK accessories brand based in Shropshire. We source and create stylish yet affordable jewellery and hair wear. We work with a range of sustainably sourced materials and whilst we always keep an eye on trends, we’re focussed on creating items that will complement your personal style season after season.”

Big thanks to Nikki for recommending this brand to me for affordable, gorgeous and simple jewellery, hair accessories, candles, bath bits, keyrings and 2020’s most popular accessory: face masks.


We create fine jewellery that you can wear every day. You don’t have to choose between high quality or accessible prices. Choose both.”


“Contemporary minimal jewels made with love in Malaga, Spain.”

Most of the jewellery on this site isn’t 100% to my taste but I do love the little star and shell gold hoops. 


“Earrings, rings, necklaces and minimalist jewellery from Barcelona, Spain.”

My personal faves are the small bee earrings made of gold plated 18 carat 925 sterling silver. Lots of the jewellery is customisable by size and colour too!


Based in London, their shop offers a range of accessories, shoes, homeware and dried flowers.

These are my favourite earrings, provided they’re not too heavy!


These last two jewellery brands were recommended to me by my pal, Farihah, who has a comprehensive and constantly updated list of online sustainable shops in the UK on her blog.

Minimal but fun jewellery ethically handmade from recycled precious metals.

Maggie trained at The School of Jewellery in Birmingham and now lives and works in West Wales. 

The jewellery is constructed in-house by Maggie, with some elements outsourced to small workshops in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter”

While the jewellery with smiley faces isn’t really my jam, I love the gold hoops (which I’m sure came as a surprise to no one).


“Mood Good is an independent jewellery brand creating intricate pieces to be worn and treasured. The light-hearted designs have symbols of love, humour and positivity running through them, to give the wearer a reminder to appreciate the little things in life and smile. Founded in 2017 by Jewellery Designer Rosie Greener, Mood Good pieces are designed in London and made ethically in small workshops around East London, from recycled metals.”

I’ve left the priciest brand till last, but I do love the idea of a handmade personalised gold necklace!


I feel like good quality scented candles are one of those things that can really make a house a home.

With the early sunsets and most of us being at home a lot more, I think that candles are wonderful additions to make our homes feel extra cosy and smell nice too!

I’m learning as I go but for those who don’t already know, the majority of mass-market candles are produced using paraffin wax – wax made from the sludge at the bottom of crude-oil barrels and often treated with known carcinogens like benzene and toluene. These candles fill your homes with the toxic fumes of paraffin wax. If you’ve ever noticed that some scented candles leave a black, sooty residue around the jar and even on walls and furnishings, paraffin wax is the culprit.

Consequently, all of the following are soy wax candles because they’re biodegradable, slow-burning and don’t produce any petro soot.


I’ve been following Michelle’s blog, Daisybutter, for quite a few years now and was excited to hear that her and her sister had created these beautiful soy wax candles that have received top notch reviews.

I recently bought one for a friend and she confirmed that it smells lovely too!

To be honest, all of the scent descriptions sound right up my street, so I’ll definitely have to grab some soon.


We specialize in handmade wax melts and scented candles inspired by your favourite sweet treats, including our variety of unique ‘chocolate bar’ wax melts!”

James stumbled across this page when he was looking for a Twin Peaks themed scented candle during the height of his obsession with the show.

Lo and behold, the internet delivered with the perfect scent: ‘Warm coffee meets hints of fresh pine, topped with a touch of cherry pie!’

The Harry Potter Great Hall themed one sounds amazing too: ‘Warm scents of crackling wood fire and delicious pumpkin pie.’


Cruelty-free skincare, scented candles and vegan gifts in a beautiful muted colour scheme.

Price wise, I’d say the candles are more of a special occasion treat than a regular purchase (perfect for Christmas), but I do love the sound of the gingerbread soy wax candle!


“Well this is what happens when you have an unhealthy obsession with candles, 6 months stuck at home during covid, a love of Pat Butcher and try to make your daughter proud of you.

Setting fire to a candle that costs north of £30 is a very glamorous thing to do, so why not do it knowing that the profits are going towards causes such as The Trussell Trust, National Literacy Trust, Ecologi and CALM.

If we help one kid learn to read, save one tree, stop one suicide or feed one person lunch it will have been worth it.”

While these candles are on the pricier side, I love that 10% of the profits go to a charity that correlates with the themed candle.

My personal faves would be School Dinners and Reading Books. The illustrations by Melanie Johnsson are superb too!


“Fully crafted in our Manchester workshop, our range helps customers celebrate life’s milestones in a meaningful, tangible way through a product crafted with heart. Each candle is made using quality soy wax and premium fragrance oils in containers that we encourage you to reuse. Our packaging is beautiful, practical and environmentally friendly.”

If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’ll love a personalised gift! From just a name to a personal message on the candle jar in lots of different designs and scents, you can create the perfect candle for your loved one!

The scents that I love the sound of are: Orange and Cinnamon, Pink Grapefruit and Basil, Candied Pumpkin, Dark Pomegranate, Black Raspberry and Vanilla.


Another big thanks to Nikki for introducing me to this brand!

“YR stands for yoga rituals. We help you re-create the calming atmosphere of a yoga studio in the comfort of your home. Due to long hours at work, we face rising levels of stress and have very little time for self-care. Creating relaxing rituals in the comfort of our own homes is one of the best ways of looking after our mental health.

YR Studio was founded by me, Adriana Mateusiak in 2018. With the help of my partner, Andrei, we pour and label each candle by hand. We take pride in our product and the highest level of customer service.”

I especially love the sound of these scents: Gingerbread/ Mulled Wine/ Cranberry, Orange & Cinnamon/ Chocolate & Vanilla Cookies/ Sugar & Spice/ Coconut & Vanilla.


 “All of our candles are hand poured in our studio. We strongly believe contributing to the circular economy and minimising waste by creating our candles from 100% recycled glass.”

With a huge emphasis on sustainability and contributing to the circular economy, it was a no-brainer that this small business would make it into this list.

They’ve also collaborated with sustainability advocate, Venetia La Manna. For each candle sold, a £10 donation will be split between Fareshare and Black Minds Matter UK.

The Solstice candle sounds dreamy: A joyful fruity accord of cassis, redcurrant, raspberry and apple with a base blend of musk and sandalwood.


“With a new arrival on the way, it was important to us that our home was completely safe, including the air that we breathed. This led us to develop our range of 100% natural scented candles, which are fragranced using only pure essential oils that are not only clean but bring with them amazing aromatherapy benefits.

Our mission with Little Karma Co, was to create a collection that was luxurious, aesthetically beautiful and made gifting simple. That’s why we offer personalisation and custom candle labels on every candle.

All our candles are lovingly handcrafted in small batches at our HQ in London. Every part of the process, including the trimming, cleaning and packing is done by hand with love and care.”

Obviously, the star of the show is the ‘UP YOURS CORONA’ candle with £1 of the candle going to MIND, the mental health charity.

For this candle, you can choose from three limited edition Christmas scents:

  • All Day Eating (warming orange and cinnamon)
  • Winter Stroll (refreshing fir and cedarwood)
  • Post Dinner Nap (relaxing lavender and frankincense)

I also love the sound of the Energising Eucalyptus and Lime candle!


Hello! My name is Amber & I am the hands and nose behind Otter Candle Co. Although I’ve always been a bit lost in the career aspect of my life, I always knew I wanted to do something creative.

In Jan 2018 I was super into the Danish act of ‘Hygge’ and was spending most of my spare time in my bedroom wrapped up in a blanket with a book & a mug of hot chocolate with candles all around me. One day the idea of trying to make my own candles came to me & it seemed like something fun I could take up. 

I spent a few more months & countless frustrating days until I was truly happy with what I was producing. Then, on 22nd September 2018, Otter was born. Otter is just me – Amber. So every single sale, follow, like, share means such a great deal to me because it is helping me see that there is actually something I’m pretty good at & that this just could be what I do every day. Maybe. Here’s hoping.”

I LOVE how Otter came about and the packaging is just adorable!

My faves: Cinnamon Swirl, Mango & Rhubarb, Pine & Blackcurrant.

[2/2/21 edit: I was so excited to order some of these candles when they came back in stock after Christmas. The packaging is beautiful and Amber also included a gorgeous personalised postcard and some delicious snacks too! The Mango and Rhubarb candle smells amazing straight from the jar but unfortunately I can’t smell any of the four candles that I bought when they’re burning, which is such a shame!]


“Inspired by travel and the joy of discovering different cultures. Nuwe Roam is a homeware and lifestyle brand by Tanya & Esther who have been best friends since they were 7.

The art prints and amber jar scented candles are created by us but other pieces are carefully sourced from different countries to reflect their aesthetics and craftsmanship. We also have a handpicked collection of one-off vintage and pre-loved pieces to promote slow living.”

As there’s a lovely mix of candles, homeware, art prints, cards and vintage pieces, I’ve shared a few of my faves here.


“Based in Carlisle, Cumbria, the candle-making story began in late 2018, when brothers Aidan and Ruaridh decided to learn all they could about candle-making and business operations from online resources and tutorials.

This then led to the creation of The Victorian Candle Co, a small Carlisle based company dedicated to hand-pouring small batches of long-lasting, beautifully designed candles.”

I came across this company on Instagram and absolutely loved the sound of the fragrances and the packaging looks great; the prices are also really reasonable at £6 per tin. The candles that I’ve ordered smell amazing and have such a great scent throw that I’ll definitely be ordering more in the future!

As this post has gotten pretty long already (turns out that a lot of people love candles as much as I do), I’ll leave you with a short list of some of my faves from Farihah’s sustainable candle shop finds with the scents that I love the sound of in brackets.

Go and check out her blog for sustainable online shops to find: art prints, books, magazines, clothes, food, cosmetics, homeware, jewellery, plants, plastic-free/eco shops, stationary and of course, candles.

  • ORE ME (Coconut & Lime)
  • THE BURNING BEAN (Conker: a blend of vibrant pomelo, smooth, spicy cinnamon, oak and hazelnut)
  • PANDA BARE (Hansel: gingerbread, cinnamon and vanilla)
  • OLIVE & FIG (Winter Spice: spicy cinnamon and sweet vanilla)
  • STUDIO FORTY SEVEN (Yule: a rich, intoxicating blend of apple, sweet berries, wine, brandy and oranges enriched with clove, ginger, cinnamon and vanilla. It’s mulled wine in candle form).
  • SELF CARE COMPANY (Cinnamon, orange and clove)
  • SCENTIMENTAL JARS (Vanilla and tonka bean)

Happy shopping and as always, let me know if you’ve tried any of these products or if have any recommendations for me!


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