I turned 30 this month and when my parents called me on my birthday, they informed me that they didn’t get me a card or present due to lockdown having just been lifted on the day and they’re not very tech savvy.

However, my mum told my dad to send me a picture of Winnie the Pooh holding a cake on Whatsapp instead because *wait for it* he has a big belly like me…

Although I’d initially planned to visit the Christmas Markets at Chiswick House with James on my birthday, it was pissing it down on the day, so we decided to have a little wander around the local charity shops and Westfields instead as they had just reopened. In the evening, we had a yummy Japanese takeaway!

The next day, I met Til, Hannah and Freya for an outdoor lunch at Mamma Mia in East Sheen.

After lunch, they indulged me with a trip around the charity shops where I found some excellent books that I’d been meaning to read and got to see this beautiful sunset!

Oh and I received this, quite frankly, god-tier present from the Devon Massive too.

Sunsets before 4pm are only forgivable when they look this good.

The Coal Drops Yard is way more photogenic than I am but I ain’t mad about it.

My third 30th birthday celebration came in the form of dinner at Chotto Matte with my girl, Tina.

The food was pretty good overall (would recommend the grilled octopus) but we found the restaurant a bit too dark as we could barely work out what we were eating and the staff were a little too overattentive, checking if everything was ok with the food and attempting to clear our plates every few minutes so it didn’t feel like we could properly relax.

Also loved this and thank you to the strangers on the table next to us who also accompanied Tina’s rendition of happy birthday, so she didn’t have to go solo!

Marianne earnt her brownie points on a whole new level with these incredible Cutter and Squidge bad boys!

Birthday blooms from pals!

A big thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to wish me a happy birthday, I really appreciate it!

My final birthday meal with Anna at Kimchee in Kings Cross which I’ve walked past every day for almost 2 years on the way to and from work – so glad we finally managed to go!

Helping out our neighbours with a spot of emergency dog walking.

Such a cutie!

I saw that my pal, Nikki, had shared this Etsy shop on her Instagram and I was intrigued so decided to check it out and absolutely loved it!

BookMarkBoys is the perfect shop for your bookworm pals who also love TV and funny quotes!

Made some wontons (prawn and pork dumplings) – they were delicious, even if I say so myself 😉

Saying goodbye to work on the 16th December for Christmas but then Tier 4 happened in London on the 18th so no idea when I’ll be back…

Views from our bedroom window.

Currently burning.

As soon as James’ parents heard that we were going into Tier 4, we had to do an emergency packing sesh and they picked us up so I’m currently typing this at their family home.

I won’t lie to you, this room stresses me out big time.

Even more so when James starts playing Wonderwall.

Christmas Eve cuddles with Stan.

Finally meeting local celebrity, baby Arthur!

James was very happy to have a new addition to his Baby Yoda shrine at home.

His mum pulled out all the stops this Christmas – cheers Michelle, if you’re reading this!

We’ve also gotten very into Settlers of Catan recently – it took a while to get into as it seemed quite complicated at first but is really fun once you get into it!

I’ve been making it my goal to win before we leave to head back to London so wish me luck 😉

Regardless, I hope everyone has/had a lovely Christmas – I know it’ll be different for many this year.

May you still able to enjoy the small joys and remember that better days are coming, I promise.

I’m always here if anyone wants to chat!


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