On the 3rd January, we’d finally returned from James’ family home and this belated birthday card from my friend, Josh, really made me laugh!

I was also finally able to open Kanna’s Christmas present which contained a box full of snacks from Hong Kong and this was one of the highlights! Kanna and I had never seen this flavour before, so we think it’s pretty new. While not specifically Thai or crabby in flavour, it does have a tasty curry flavour.

She also sent me some delicious Japanese curry sauce which James and I had for lunch with prawns and egg fried rice.

Loved making it into Nikki’s bullet journal this month with a top chat about the Chinese zodiac and personalities.

I’d wanted to try Heist chocolate for ages so big thanks to Nikki – it’s delicious!

My first attempt at making a Japanese cheesecake which unfortunately looked much better than it tasted.

I personally wouldn’t recommend the Tasty.co recipe because it mainly tasted of egg, not cheese, and the texture just wasn’t quite right. It wasn’t like a souffle and on both occasions that I tried it, even with an adjusted recipe, the bottom layer was more of an egg-jelly consistency which wasn’t ideal.

Found the perfect ribbed vase on Etsy for my dried flowers.

Handmade sushi rolls for lunch with Kim’s Convenience.

Cute sunset from the flat.

Love finding personalised messages in books from the charity shops.

Random acts of kindness from my pal, Hannah.

Sweet messages from our local Chinese takeaway.

A congratulatory cake for James who is now a qualified solicitor! What a smart cookie!

A little treat from Waitrose; loved the Raw Halo chocolate but not a fan of the desiccated coconut and lime flavour in the Waitrose chocolate which is thicker and in bigger squares.

I bought this for James’ Christmas present and it smells really good, a nice coffee fragrance with a hint of chocolate – a lovely, warming scent that’s perfect for the colder seasons. It actually smells nicer when burnt than directly from the jar.

I was so excited that Amber had restocked her shop as I loved the sound of the fragrances and the packaging is beautiful. Plus, you all know that I love to support a small business where I can.

The package arrived within a week with a gorgeous, personalised postcard and a delicious snack. I loved the smell of the fruity candles before burning them, especially the Mango and Rhubarb one. However, I’m currently burning it and can’t smell it at all which is quite disappointing!

Snow in London last Sunday.

Walking to Holland Park on the following glorious sunny Monday, listening to an Estée Lalonde and Oenone podcast, which were both really interesting.

Watching Kim’s Convenience with scones in bed.

My third attempt at making Japanese cheesecake using a new recipe from Just One Cookbook which was the best yet! It definitely didn’t need that much icing sugar on the top – the recipe actually used apricot jam as a topping, but I rarely use jam so figured it would be a waste to buy a jar to use so little.

While not quite as light as I’d have liked it to be, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

I also passed some down to our neighbours who said that it was ‘like eating a cloud’ so I’m pretty happy with that!

Finally, Bun House had a stall at a market near us, so we grabbed some of our favourite Custard Buns  – YUM!

Well done for surviving January everyone, arguably the longest, coldest and toughest of them all so the only way is up from here on out!


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