I recently came across these 28 journal prompts to help you feel grateful every day.

“One way to check in with yourself and make sure you’re soaking up those daily wins is by practising thankfulness. Sure, it may sound a bit woo-woo but the benefits can be transformative.”

At the end of every day, I make a note of at least five things that have made me happy throughout the day (it’s rarely anything huge during lockdown; it can be as simple as, caught up with a friend or hoovered the flat etc).

Time whizzes by and it’s so easy to let all the days merge into one and forget the small joys in the everyday. I really liked the sound of these prompts to help practice mindfulness and self-care, so I thought I’d share mine for today!

1. One thing you look forward to in the morning: Reading my book

2. A book you’re grateful for reading: Exciting Times by Naoise Dolan. I’d wanted to read it since I heard about it last year but was determined to finish the books that had been on my bookshelf for ages first. So grateful to Tom and Lu for gifting me this last Christmas!

3. One thing about winter that makes you happy: Getting cosy at home, lighting candles, drinking hot green tea and reading my books

4. Write down a happy memory: Walking to Holland Park on a sunny day listening to a podcast

5. Talk about someone who made you feel understood recently: I actually wasn’t sure of my answer to one of these questions so I asked Nikki what hers would be and she helped me to work out mine too. Thanks Nikki, if you’re reading this!

6. Three positives to come out of lockdown:

a) Having the time and energy to read the books that have been sat on my bookshelf for a long time

b)Learning lots of new recipes – shoutout to this Japanese cheesecake recipe!

c) Having the time to start a new series on my blog entitled ‘Let’s Talk About’ where I ask my friends to share their insights on specific topics that I’m interested in learning more about

7. What is a personality trait you’re proud of: I think I’m generally quite positive and can make people laugh.

8. One thing you love about your job: Being able to give unwanted clothes a loving new home, helping to make money to end homelessness, making charity shopping ‘cool’ and accessible, working with influencers to encourage shopping second-hand and I love the team that I work with (sorry, I couldn’t pick just one).

9. A song you always turn up on the radio: I never listen to the radio but if James and I are duetting in the car, probably Wake Me Up Inside (Bring Me To Life) by Evanescence.

10. What gave you comfort today: Every day, I am comforted by the fact that I have a safe home with instant access to hot water and heating. It’s a place that I can call my own – where I have the space and freedom to do the things that make me happy. It’s a basic human right but sadly not something that everyone has.

11. Give your body a compliment: I like my nose.

12. Where is a place you travelled to that felt like home: Hong Kong

13. Three things you love about where you live:

a) Close to transport links and essential shops

b) Big windows in our flat so we get a lot of light

c) There’s so much to see, eat and do in London. Pop ups, art gallerties and lots of great restaurants with a wide range of cuisines etc. Can’t wait to be able to make the most them again when we can!

14. A TV series you’re grateful for: Kim’s Convenience (because Asian representation is important and it’s bloody hilarious)

15. Something that made you laugh today: I’m currently loving Superstore on Netflix – every episode makes me laugh!

16. One thing that made you smile today: I’ll be having mussels for lunch today!

17. Fave part of your evening routine: Sitting on the sofa and having dinner with James while watching How I Met Your Mother (we’ve finally met the mother – big Manic Pixie Dream Girl Energy)

18. Think of something someone said that resonated with you: I save quite a lot of quotes on Pinterest and quite enjoyed this one, especially when it’s something that I genuinely like/am interested in.

19. Something you’re looking forward to this weekend: I won’t lie to you, every day this year has basically been the weekend for me. Tonight, James is making us lasagne for dinner so I’m looking forward to that!

10. How is life today, better than one year ago: James and I finally managed to put some stuff that we didn’t currently need in the loft which has made lots more spare room in the lounge (we had suitcases in the corner of the lounge for about a year) and we put up art prints around the flat (I have two more on the way) which has made it feel much more homely!

21. Something you accomplished today: I hoovered the flat, did the washing up and put away the laundry.

22. Something you’re proud of yourself for: Staying positive and keeping myself occupied during lockdown

23. What is something or someone that helped you out today: James helped me to put a few more bits into the loft so we have more room in the flat!

24. Write about a person you’re grateful for: My parents because they’re always on hand to help me whenever I need them.

25. What is challenging you, how is this helping you to grow: My biggest challenge at the moment is working out my next career steps. While I enjoy what I currently do, it makes it quite hard to save up. It’s helping me to grow in terms of trying to work out what I’d enjoy and be good at. Unfortunately, this is currently on pause during lockdown.

26. Something you hope to accomplish tomorrow: I’d like to finish the book that I’m currently reading (An American Marriage)

27. What activity makes you feel calm: Reading

28. What makes you happy to be alive: Having the time and energy to read my books and learn new recipes, taking photos and looking forward to exploring new places. The thought that one day, Sophia and I will be reunited on our postponed holiday in Thailand.

If you don’t already, I hope this post has reminded you to take note of the small joys that have brightened up your days!


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