So happy that we got around to putting up this print that James bought me last Christmas!

He also very kindly bought me this beautiful Janice Sung print for Valentine’s Day 2019, so I’m glad we managed to find a custom frame and get it hung up in the lounge too.

I came across these gorgeous little candles by The Victorian Candle Co. on Instagram – they smell lovely, have cute packaging and are great value for money.

Nikki recommended YR Studio to me as her friend was a fan, so I decided to give them a go too – I love the glass jars as I love being able to see the light from the candles more clearly and they smell lovely. My only slight criticism is that I’d prefer a stronger scent throw for the price.

I remember seeing these on Instagram in January but had no luck finding them in my local supermarkets, so I was glad to finally track them down in my local Tesco! It’s such a great combo that I’m surprised it hadn’t been done earlier.

Sunset from home.

Thought I’d make an effort to celebrate Lunar New Year from home by doing my hair and makeup for the first time this year, haha!

James cooked us a fry up for lunch on Valentines Day. We usually do hash browns too but had run out – it was still excellent though.

Homemade mussel laksa.

I’d seen fruit sando in all the convenience stores and bakeries in Japan but never got around to trying them, so I decided to make my own using the Just One Cookbook recipe. I used brioche instead of Japanese milk bread (shokupan) as I didn’t want to pay £9 for a loaf at the Japanese bakery and it turned out pretty well!

James and I always order hot and sour soup with our Chinese takeaways and we love it, so I decided to try and make my own using The Woks of Life recipe. I only used shrimps (no pork) for the protein, but I think it was pretty successful – I’m going to try and make another one next week using another type of chicken stock as the one I used was a little too herby.

An all-round excellent bar of chocolate. The packaging is gorgeous too!

Bun House had a stall at our local outdoor market this weekend so I, of course, grabbed myself a custard bun.

This wearable blanket is amazing and kept me so warm – I bet it’s saved us a lot on the heating bills too!

Spring, here we come! 😀


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