MARCH 2021

I absolutely fell in love with this print by Stef Maden on Etsy so I decided to switch up the print in our hallway.

It’s perfect and brings me so much joy every time I see it!

James has developed a tradition of making a lasagna every Sunday and it’s so delicious – we always have it with a side of garlic bread and cucumber.

Such gorgeous scents from Crabbwicks co on Etsy, especially the birthday cake candle. An excellent scent throw, great packaging, reasonably priced, it’s soy wax and you’re helping an independent business too! Would very much recommend if you’re looking for a new candle.

I made my first attempt at cooking Japanese souffle pancakes but accidentally missed one of the steps and my saucepan had been dented when I dropped it on the floor previously so the lid didn’t cover it completely, which is why I think these didn’t rise as much as they should have. They were still tasty but not quite the souffle pancakes I was hoping for!

A few treats from the Chinese supermarket.

The roast duck and crispy roast pork was *chef’s kiss*

Love the light in our lounge.

Goodies from the local food market at the weekend: Japanese cheesecake, passionfruit tart and my favourite Haldiki olives (a mixture of plain and with jalapeños).

I returned to work on the 29th March to help get the shop ready for the grand reopening on 12th April and we received this lovely donation that bought a tear to our eyes!

James and I have finally gotten around to watching Line of Duty and the hype is real. Honestly one of the best TV series I’ve ever seen – so gripping and well done! I couldn’t find a BBC trailer for season 1 but this should give you a taster 😀

Quite a short and sweet post but hopefully I’ll have more to report on next month.

Hope everyone’s enjoying the long Easter weekend! 😀


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