APRIL 2021

It’s like I blinked and April’s whizzed by…

We reopened our shop on the 12th and our reopening week was the busiest that we’ve ever had, which is excellent news!

At the beginning of every week, we change up the displays to keep the shop looking fresh, so I hope you find them as aesthetically pleasing as I do 😉

Glamour were also incredibly kind and included us in their list of the best charity shops to visit when non-essential shops reopened.


James’ first attempt at cooking ramen and it was delicious!

It was so nice to be able to meet up with Tina and go for a wander around London, even though a lot of places were still closed.

Tina and I also visited Oklava in Shoreditch for lunch (after a spot of charity shopping in Bethnal Green) and it was pretty damn good – most of the food that we ordered was so well flavoured and tasted so fresh!

My favourites were the top two: courgette and feta mini fritters // Kumru sandwich, sujuk, grilled cheese and condiments.

The bottom two: Black Sea (3 cheeses, butter, egg yolk, black garlic, za’atar) – way too rich, salty and greasy for me // S.P.I.C.E (garlic sausage, tomato-chili sauce, kaşar, broken eggs) – tasty but I couldn’t eat too much of it as bread makes me feel really bloated.

Hope you’ve all had a good April too with life opening up a little more; not long to go till my favourite season finally kicks in!


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