JUNE 2021

June was quite a busy month for me so strap yourselves in for a month where I actually left London for a day or two!

Celebrating Nikki’s 30th birthday in Westbourne.

A delicious dinner at Eat Tokyo in Covent Garden with Tina.

A sunny day out in Whitstable with James.

Excited to see the billboards with Shelter’s new branding out in the wild!

Volunteers’ Week and Graduate Fashion Week at work.

June 14th marked the fourth anniversary of the Grenfell Tower Fire and 72 lives lost.

Mad deals on my favourite chilli oil in Lidl.

Catch up dinner at Norma with Anna. The pasta was a bit too al dente for my taste and it was such a small portion for the price, but the pistachio tiramisu was good!

James showing off his new outfit.

Changing from my Winter to Summer wardrobe and doing a big old clear-out in the process.

Kind gifts from Olio users who came to pick up some items that I was giving away.

Absolutely love the packaging and scent of this Apollo Ipsum candle from Etsy. An excellent scent throw on every burn too – would very much recommend!

Celebrating our 3 year anniversary with lunch at Eat Tokyo in Notting Hill and James’ favourite restaurant, Harry’s Bar, for dinner <3

Hope June was a lovely month of sunshine and good food for you all too!


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