Every summer, James’ family head to Perranporth in Cornwall for their annual family holiday and I was very kindly invited along – here’s what we got up to!


  • We left London at 9.30am and arrived at James’ parents’ holiday lodge in Perranporth around 6 hours later
  • After a little catch up, picking up his brother and his girlfriend, Tom and Lu, on the way, we headed to our accommodation (Mellow Cottage) for the week by the early evening. It was an excellent location, only a 5-minute walk from the beach and town centre.
  • We unpacked and rested for a bit, then popped into town and bought some fry-up bits from the local Co-Op and collected dinner from Mei Kitchen – they do an excellent hot and sour soup!
  • After dinner, James, Tom and Lu met up with some family friends at the local pub, while I was quite tired and decided to just chill in bed and catch up on Love Island.


  • James woke up with alcohol poisoning from the night before and stayed in bed/the bathroom for most of the morning and early afternoon.
  • So, I made myself a little brunch, ate it outside and finished my book in the sunshine.
  • By almost 2pm, James felt ready to leave the house, so we met his mum and family friends outside their usual haunt, The Seiners Arms, before a walk along the beautiful beach.
  • While they headed back to the pub, I explored the small town centre and went for another walk along the beach.
  • James’ mum, Michelle, joined us for dinner at our cottage and we enjoyed their favourite Indian takeaway from Massala.


  • James cooked us a fry up to start the day, then met his mum and sister, Sophie, who had arrived in Perranporth the night before with her husband, Luke, and baby Arthur at The Seiners Arms
  • We went for another beach walk, grabbed a delicious Ferrero Rocher and Oreo ice cream from Perran Dairy before heading home to read in the garden.
  • In the evening, we had a yummy Thai takeaway from Piran Thai with Tom and Lu.
  • After dinner, Ryan, Ashely and Emma joined us to watch Love Island.


  • We woke up a little earlier than usual to drive to Padstow; thus begins the most stressful drive of the week. Basically, the sat-nav took us the wrong way twice along lots of tiny, steep country lanes and James may have slightly lost it.
  • However, we made it in the end and even managed to get a parking spot in the town centre despite thinking that we’d arrived too late and probably wouldn’t be able to get a parking spot at all, due to how busy Padstow gets during the summer holidays.
  • For lunch, we had pasties and I grabbed a pot of whelks (because whelks are the best) and ate them by the harbour.
  • As the town centre was really busy, we didn’t spend much time there and walked over to a cove and beach instead, passing a small field of stunning wildflowers on the way
  • When we returned to Perranporth, we went on a beach walk with everyone before grabbing another takeaway dinner – this time it was fish and chips from Pickwicks.
  • After dinner, everyone headed out to the pub while I decided to stay in with a bath and chilled in bed. As you can probably already guess, Love Island was involved.


  • Another day in Perranporth, another day at The Seiners Arms. This time we had lunch there and I had the biggest portion of mussels I’ve had in my life, which was excellent.
  • James and I did half the walk towards St. Agnes as it definitely wasn’t as easy as the reviews made it out to be; some parts were a little too close to the cliff edge for us novice hikers. However, it was well worth it to see the beautiful views!
  • We rested at the cottage for a bit before heading to Michelle’s for a dinner of pizza and salad.


  • As James wanted to rest more on this holiday, as opposed to exploring different parts of Cornwall, we’d only pre-booked two activities, one of which was the geothermal pool at Jubilee Pool in Penzance.
  • Unfortunately, he’d woken up with a sty in his eye, which he could barely see out of, so the 40-minute drive was out of the question. I didn’t fancy forking out for a taxi to Penzance by myself so hopefully we’ll get to go next time!
  • Instead, we met Sophie, Luke and baby Arthur at the beach, had a Mr Whippy, walked along the beach, grabbed a veggie pasty for lunch before heading home to read in the garden.
  • We grabbed another Chinese takeaway from Mei Kitchen for dinner and watched Love Island, of course.


  • Luckily, we made it to our other pre-booked activity: Tintagel Castle. The English Heritage site describes it as being “set high on Cornwall’s rugged north coast. Inextricably linked with the legend of King Arthur, for centuries this dramatic castle and coastline has fired the imaginations of writers, artists, and even the brother of a king.”
  • It was stunning and I’d definitely recommend a visit!
  • After another pasty for lunch, we headed home in the afternoon, packed and chilled.
  • We had Co-Op pizza and garlic bread for dinner before my usual combination of bath and Love Island to end the evening.


  • On our final day in Cornwall, we left Mellow Cottage at 10am and had a spot of lunch at Michelle’s before leaving for Truro at 2pm as James need to get his tyres replaced; I know, this is riveting content.
  • However, we passed Stonehenge on the 6-hour drive back to London, which was pretty cool! Please enjoy these incredibly high quality shots from a moving car…


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