As November almost draws to a close, it was high time I finally got around to posting some of my highlights from last month…

We had an amazing collaboration at work with All Saints!

Millie Cotton DJ’d for us over the weekend; she was brilliant and so lovely!

That weekend, we also took part in the Classic Car Boot Sale just downstairs.

Coal Drops Yard is so aesthetically pleasing!

Spontaneous Vietnamese dinner at OA Comtam with Han

I had a delicious one-woman hot pot 😀

Spent a couple of my days off exploring the charity shops in Camden (bought 2 tops) and Streatham (bought a handful of teaspoons, lol)

James cooked us a yummy ramen after slow cooking the chicken broth from the night before

Dim sum at Wing Tai before picking up some essentials at the Chinese supermarket next door

Sarah came to visit, and we checked out the charity shops in Archway and Holloway Road, where we also stumbled across a car boot sale!

Classic post-hotpot Gelupo visit with Tina

My first visit to Wimbledon Village with Tina

Sticks ‘N’ Sushi had been on my restaurant list for the longest time and I’m so glad I finally got around to trying it!

The sushi was delicious, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the chicken skewers that came with the set meal. I’d definitely still go back and try some of their other skewers though!

A blurry pic of Harry at her birthday meal at the Royal Thai Restaurant (delicious!) – I realise this isn’t the most flattering photo because she’s beautiful IRL, but wanted to include this for the good memories 😉

Receiving my first ever work laptop to join the social media team 2 days a week from the beginning of November to mid-January to help out on the Winter Campaign!

Han very kindly treated me to dinner at Le Mercury to celebrate! <3


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