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Saturday 27th November, 2021

For the weekend before my 31st birthday, I fancied a weekend away. As a few of my friends had recommended Hastings, with sea air a 2-hour drive away, I decided that it would make for a nice getaway for me and James.

We arrived in the early afternoon and made a beeline for the beach, wanting to make the most of the limited daylight hours during winter. From there, we wandered over to Hastings Pier, then followed the sign that signalled a 15-minute walk to St Leonards, which my friends had recommended for some great charity shops!

The top restaurant that came up for St Leonards was Remy’s Café Kulinarya.

Described as a ‘relaxed cafe with a cosy, vintage vibe serving Filipino dishes, classic British fare & cream tea,’ we were sold!

I went for the Sinigang soup (a traditional tamarind-based Filipino soup with chicken and lots of veg), which I’ve recreated at home multiple times since, and James went for the noodle soup, which were the perfect winter warmers.

It had such a lovely vibe where you could tell that all the customers were regulars and the man on the table sat next to us said that he popped over for lunch every day and sometimes he bought in his own ingredients for them to make off-menu dishes for him! So, if you find yourself in St Leonards, make sure to pay this cosy family-run restaurant a visit! 😉

After lunch, we looked around the charity shops where I loved the low prices but didn’t find anything that I fancied buying. We hit up a little art gallery before heading back into Hastings and were wowed as we turned the corner onto George Street in the Old Town, which felt quite magical with all the fairy lights and gorgeous little independent shops to dip in and out of.

In the early evening, we headed to our accommodation (Town House Rooms) for a rest before dinner. The location was great but as it was such a cold and windy day, the windows were only single glazed and didn’t feel as cosy as we’d have hoped.

Dinner was at Webbes Rock-a-Nore, which I’d been really looking forward to, but the food wasn’t great so I’d love to try some of the other seafood restaurants in the area next time!

Sunday 28th November, 2021

The next morning, we checked out of our accommodation and had a look around the shops on the high street in Old Town, which were just as charming as those on George Street.

Although I wanted to buy so many beautiful bits and bobs, we simply don’t have the room for any more stuff in our flat so I just ended up buying some bath salts and a Christmas card for a friend.

One of Hasting’s main attractions was the funicular, so of course we couldn’t leave without a ride.

We got so lucky with the weather on our second day!

The Fisherman’s Huts were also a must see.

They were first used to house nets for catching mackerel and herring and are very important to the history of Hastings, providing a distinctive backdrop to the fishing area and the Old Town.

While they originated from the 16th Century, they have been rebuilt many times.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time on this visit, but I’d really like to check out Hastings Contemporary next time.

As it was a Sunday, it would have been rude not to go for a roast.

James liked the look of the traditional pub, Ye Olde Pumphouse, so we headed there for lunch.

The food was mediocre, and it arrived so quickly that it had most likely already been plated up before we’d even ordered, but it was a nice experience to see what the pub was like on the inside.

After lunch, we headed back to London.

I really enjoyed my time in Hastings and would recommend it. I think 2 whole days would have been ideal, or maybe even 3 days in warmer weather, but a good excuse to return 😉


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