I started my part time role with the social media team on 1st November and not having to commute further than the living room is excellent.

A visit to Harrod’s for James to pick up his watch.

The best hot and sour soup in London from Leong’s Legend, but I haven’t been wowed by the rest of their menu so far…

Our first trip to Leadenhall Market.

Most of the shops had closed by the time we got there, and they were filming something for a show, which blocked off a big area.

Nevertheless, it was still great to be able to explore a new area!

Hannah turned 30!

Feels like a long time since sunshine has graced us.

An autumnal day out in Rochester with Em, Til and Freya.

I went for the Korean Spicy BBQ Chicken burger at Smoqe, which was an absolute mess to eat, but delicious nonetheless!

You know I love a charity shop 😉

A few little purchases from the day.

I was so excited when I finally got a copy of Happy Families! I loved the fact that Julie Ma gave a voice to a Chinese-Welsh family and it was great to have that representation in a book, where they were the main characters.

However, the story sadly fell flat for me. I found the plot and dialogue quite messy; the attempts at humour felt a little cringe. It felt like Ma tried to include a little too much in the book, which meant that characters and storylines were underdeveloped. I have no idea why Walter was included as a character in this story.

The two secrets that the book is based on (i.e. why Amy gave up her career to move back in with her family and why her grandfather and father haven’t spoken in 30 years) felt really underdeveloped and underwhelming when we found out what really happened. I really wanted to like this book, but unfortunately I didn’t.

Alice did a fab job with this Gucci-inspired Christmas window display at work!

Another collaboration with By Rotation.

Such an honour to have been asked to contribute to The Frugality’s Secondhand Stories feature!

Visiting Hannah at the Love Not Landfill pop up after work and picked up a new black rucksack that I needed

Post work dinner at Tenshi in Angel

Meeting Tina and Joe for lunch at Laksamania

One of my favourite charity shops in London and it always has a sale rail: RSPCA in Finsbury Park!

Snapped up this cute top for £4.50

And some great book finds from RSPCA and Crisis!

As I write this, I’ve already finished reading Out of Love and it’s one of my favourite books this year <3

I’m currently reading Yolk and am thoroughly enjoying it so far. I’d actually never heard of it before but the cover is brilliant, the blurb sounded interesting and I hadn’t read any books by Korean American authors before (I’d only read Korean translated stories), so I’m really glad I picked it up.


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