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As the clock struck midnight last night, I sunk myself into a nice, hot bath with the sound of fireworks doing their celebratory thing in the background.

This may be the first NYE that I’ve spent alone (James is at his family home, waiting for his new car to arrive), but I didn’t feel lonely.

It felt very peaceful.

I am so grateful to have this clean and tidy flat, where everything works as it should (even if I’m only renting); the ability to cook a simple, delicious meal after work or being able to order from such a wide range of takeaways with just a few clicks; running a hot bath at the end the day; having supportive friends and a family that’s always got my back.

If you were wondering, my mum’s top tip for the new year, and arguably every year is:

Make sure to eat lots of delicious food, but do some exercise too so you don’t get fat…

My pal, Nikki, sent me this brilliant article on why we need to celebrate our non-capitalist wins of 2021 and I thought that it was too good not to share.

A quick scan of social media on New Year’s Eve will show you just how much we value the successes that are traditionally rooted in capitalist principles. What have we earned? What have we bought? How far up the career or property ladder have we climbed in the last 12 months?

While these achievements shouldn’t be diminished and are worth celebrating, they are not the only things worth celebrating. I know first-hand that ticking these things off your list doesn’t always equate to a happy and successful year.

So, is it time we reassessed our definition of success? Maybe, at the end of 2021, we need to extricate our self-worth from the values of capitalism, and remember that there is more to us than our job titles or how much we have in the bank.

Success should be focused on whether you’re pursuing what gives you joy.”

On that note, I thought I’d share a few things that brought me joy this year:

  1. Reading makes me feel simultaneously calm and productive, so I’m glad to have read 48.5 books this year (all second-hand or a gift from a friend).

My favourites were:

  1. Trying new restaurants and catching up with friends is one of my favourite pastimes, so checking out 23 new restaurants this year was a joy, even if they weren’t all amazing.

My faves:

  1. Finally, I love exploring new places and while I didn’t go abroad this year, there’s so many parts of the UK and even within London that I had yet to explore and some of my highlights were:

Now, that’s probably enough writing for today.

Cue the photos!

Warning: there’s quite a few so maybe grab yourself a hot bevvy and a snack before diving in…













Thank you if you’ve made it this far!

I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to check out my chunky roundup of 2021 😀

I hope 2022 brings you all the joy and everything that you need xxx

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