APRIL 2022

Ooft, April was a busy month…

Starting with a surprise visit from Carmen and her fiancé, Brian!

I love this restaurant but it has the most unflattering lighting haha

I’d initially planned to have dinner with Tina at Sen Viet in King’s Cross but luckily, we managed to get a bigger table booking at the last minute!

I even managed to get Carmen into Vietnamese food so a win win all around 😉

A lovely catch-up bruch with Til at Glasshouse Coffee in Fulham.

Dinner with Em at the wonderful Paolina’s Thai Cafe in King’s Cross.

A home-cooked lunch with steamed fresh mussels from Waitrose.

A new favourite restaurant in London: Chew Fun.

Absolutely divine; phenomenal flavours and ingredients.

I hadn’t seen my family since early 2020 so it was great to finally be able to see them, even if my mum drives me slightly mad!

Dinner with my cousin’s family at Phoenix Palace, which was lovely for a big group catch up without feeling rushed, but the portion sizes of the food weren’t the most generous for the price.

Taking my family to some of my favourite restaurants the next day, starting with lunch at Eat Tokyo in Notting Hill.

Spent the day walking by the River Thames from Southbank towards Bermondsey.

Dinner at Sen Viet (again) as my brother fancied Vietnamese food.

On their final day in London, we went for dim sum at Wing Tai restaurant before my parents proceeded to spend almost two hours in the Chinese supermarket next door.

My parents had bought a new home during the pandemic, so it was exciting to see it for the first time!

I’d missed my mum’s cooking!

A long overdue catch-up with Linda who I hadn’t seen since December 2018!

We basically just chatted non-stop for about 5 hours, pausing only for food.

The most delicious chips and curry sauce.

We had never seen a Mr Whippy on a doughnut before, so it was a big day for us!

More of mum’s amazing cooking.

Cheung fun for lunch before heading back to London.

Getting straight back into it with the Classic Car Boot over the weekend.

Loving these posters that were taken using our donations, styled by our very own Alice, and the photos were taken at the Coal Drops Yard!

Tina and I had been so excited to try Pot Pot Malatang in Chinatown and it was delicious!

The only thing I wouldn’t get again would be the beef as I found it a bit chewy, but everything else was excellent.

As Josh was visiting for a day on his way back to Sweden, we headed for lunch in Mildred’s which he’d heard about on the Off Menu podcast, and I hadn’t been there in years – it was great!

Josh stocking up on vegan shampoo as it’s way cheaper in the UK…

Gorgeous light after work, walking to Islington to meet Bushbaby for dinner.

Pho House featuring the single biggest piece of beef I’d ever seen in a pho before!

We fancied dessert after dinner so wandered down Holloway Road for a late-night crepe at Sixty Two Waffle.

A funny and heart-warming lunch time read in the sun.

Delicious wings but mediocre, expensive burgers and Beer and Burger with Sarah.

Ending the night with drinks at Hoppers in King’s Cross!


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