JUNE 2022

Starting the month with Jess’ hen do in Cardiff over the Platinum Jubilee Weekend!

A lovely day in Bournemouth for a belated celebration of Nikki turning 31 🙂

Dinner at Sen Viet in King’s Cross with Em & Haz.

Goodbye King’s Cross & CDY!

My final front display at work.

11th June: Photobooth fun on my final day

I’ve honestly been blessed with the best colleagues/friends – they’re all so kind, talented and just bloody lovely all-round humans.

So lucky that everyone from the team (past and present) were able to make it!

Loved my leaving meal at Ekachai around the corner from the shop! I’d passed it so many times on the way to other restaurants so I’m glad that I got to visit before heading off.

Felt absolutely spoilt with all the gorgeous and thoughtful gifts too!

12th June: My final full day in London and I had the best time with Tina, catching up in her hidden gem of a café and devouring dinner at my fave ramen joint: Kanada Ya!

I hadn’t been to the branch near Tottenham Court Road before but it was great 😀

Tina and I had both been wanting to check out No.79 Mousse & Coffee for ages after spying them on Instagram and today was the day!

It was a quiet Sunday evening so we even managed to nab the best seats!

I was really full but Tina went for the peach and white chocolate mousse cake which she enjoyed.

They do Japanese souffle pancakes too, so I’ll have to try some of those next time as I never got around to perfecting my own recipe at home.

Thank you Tina for giving my Totoro print a loving new home!


Goodbye (for now) London!

13th June: My parents arrived on the Monday afternoon, we loaded everything in the car (turns out I’d accumulated a lot more in the past 2.5 years than I’d anticipated), said goodbye to James and headed back to Devon.

Obviously, my parents decided to stop off at the Chinese supermarket in Bristol…

We went for dinner at Little Chinatown (as their usual Mayflower wasn’t open) and the portions were incredibly generous and tasty!

It’s nice to be able to see the sea when I wake up now.

Had a lovely solo day in Torquay.

Til and Freya joined me in Brixham on the hottest day in June – I got so lucky with the weather during my first week back.

Had the best crab sandwich with a splash of Tabasco from this little seafood shack by the harbour!

Also, big thanks to Til for introducing me to Shoalstone Seawater Pool – I can’t believe I’ve lived in Devon all my life and never knew about a free outdoor pool here!

Unfortunately, even on a 27-degree day, the water was still freezing so I just dipped my feet in like these fellas…

Had a great catch up with Saz, Soph, Til & Freya in Cockington.

This warm scone from the café in Cockington Court was *chef’s kiss*

As my dad works on Sundays, we went for a belated Father’s Day dinner at Jun Jaow after a sunny day out in Teignmouth and Dawlish on the following Monday.

These last 3 weeks are the longest amount of time that I’ve spent at home since 2012, so it’s been great to be able to spend more quality time with my family and enjoy my mum’s cooking!

I also got some film from my temperamental camera developed and this photo of Nikki is my fave!

I’ll leave you with this absolute gem.

And excuse me, how is it July already?!


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