I visited Exmouth for the first time and loved it so much that I’ve been twice this month – excellent charity shops and a lovely beach walk!

We also stumbled across ‘Fish on the Quay’, a fishmongers that also serves delicious hot fish buns.

Lunch by the sea.

Exmouth Beach.

Picked up this vintage jumper at the chazza for £1 which is just an absolute steal!

A gorgeous day in Cirencester celebrating Jess and Arran’s wedding!

Taking my parents out for the best crab sandwiches in Brixham at Serious Shrimp.

Brixham looking stunning in the sunshine.

Many beach trips to Meadfoot.

Nath fancied a walk around Berry Head in Brixham for his 27th birthday.

More Meadfooting.

Nikki made us on the Sims and now I need to create a plait like this irl.

Fish and chips along Torquay harbour.

Lovely catch up with Leo!

An excellent day out in Bristol with Tina and bought a pretty good tiramisu cake from St Nicholas Markets.

Lunch at Four Wise Monkeys was aesthetically pleasing but not as pleasing on the palette.

The pork sando was really dry, the soft-shell crab burger didn’t taste of crab and the crab salad had hardly any of the former in it – and as much as I love fish sauce, that’s all I could taste.

Ticking the Christmas Steps off my list!

We grabbed dinner at Great Chonqing, which my brother had recommended for Sichuan food and we both loved it 😀

The spicy beef noods may have given me a few toilet trips but still worth it!

I’ve loved being able to spend time with Linda and baby Amelia these past couple of months – even if Amelia looks sceptical of my presence in this photo.

A final lunch at Amicis with Linda before I head back to London!

I had the seafood pasta (because it’s me) but it wasn’t great. The seafood didn’t taste fresh, and the whole dish was drowning in garlic sauce :/

We shared the Iced Raspberry Pavlova for dessert which was nice but nothing to really write home about.

Despite my scathing food review, I had a lovely time with Linda haha

Final family day out on bank holiday Monday – we opted to visit Barnstaple which I really enjoyed, even though half the charity shops were closed due to the public holiday…

Mum wanted a photo of us together so here we are:

We grabbed lunch at Barnstaple Coffee Shop which we enjoyed!

Next, we hit up Woolacombe Beach which was apparently voted the best beach in the UK last year according to the big sign that we passed on the way there.

It was really nice but I’ve been to better beaches in the UK, tbh.

I’ve passed St Marychurch in the car on my way to Meadfoot so many times and I’m glad that I finally got around to visiting!

It’s a gorgeous, vibrant little town and of course I checked out all 4 charity shops 😉

I picked up a hand knitted top and a copy of Magpie by Elizabeth Day for £4!

Visited Combeinteignhead with Til and Freya and had a delicious brownie and posh lime and soda at The Coombe Cellars.

My brother and I made these wontons.

Finally, I’ll leave you with some of mum’s home-cooked meals!


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