Why hello there!

Thank you for popping over on this fine afternoon (or whenever you happen to be reading this). It’s currently very grey and drizzly in London, but arguably the perfect weather to get cosy and catch up with a spot of blogging.

It turns out that I took a LOT of photos this month so I’ve split October into 2 posts so you don’t have to whizz through 132 in one go…now let’s make like an egg and get crackin’

Just me making the most of having a mirror for taking an outfit photo on the days when I’m not in my usual state of lounging at home in my joggers/pj’s!

Catching up over pancakes with Hermina at Balans East.

My first visit to Leytonstone. The SCT there has some great stock!

Gorge lighting.

My local pool also happens to be where they hosted the Olympics.

A walking cotton ball.

Trying Ethiopian food for the first time at Buna on Holloway Road.

Turns out, I’m not a fan of injera which is like a sour spongey flatbread that accompanied most dishes on the menu. I ordered the chicken stew which came highly recommended on the menu and by the waiter. Unfortunately, it arrived tepid and tasted quite bitter – I’m not sure if that was intentional or not? Han kindly shared some of her veg with me which was yum!

I’m really glad that I tried a new cuisine and I’d be open to trying another Ethiopian restaurant in the future but this just wasn’t for me. However, if you are an injera fan, book through The Fork to get 30% off your meal 😉

After dinner, we headed to Miki’s Paradise for a hot bev and shared a lemon and sugar crepe for dessert.

I’d been wanting to check out the Wellcome Collection for years and was glad that I finally got around to it.

Intriguing art choices.

The library is lovely.

The best crisps!

Popped into my old shop in King’s Cross to pick up some hangers – I know, so glam.

A lovely catch up in Saint Espresso and a spot of charity shopping in Camden with Bonnie.

Walked to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park one sunny weekend.

And hit up Victoria Park too.

I’m not a huge fan of doughnuts unless they’re the fresh, hot sugar ones that you get by the sea (I know, I have very specific tastes) but I love the aesthetics and fun names at Doughnut Time.

Love spotting Notes to Strangers dotted around the city.

I hadn’t been to Tate Modern for years and had an excellent time mooching around.

Passed St Paul’s on the way back to the station.

Met Anna in Oval, had some average Korean food for lunch and visited the charity shops in Pimlico for the first time and grabbed a copy of Seven Days in June by Tia Williams, which I’m excited to read.

A fun Saturday with Tina.


(I’m sorry, I don’t know why I’m like this)

Finally got around to trying Cha Cha Roll which was so delicious, fresh and an absolute bargain!

We shared the soft-shell crab and salmon rolls which were both bangin’

The only slight problem we had was that since the rolls are so big, they’re quite difficult to eat without making a mess so I’d recommend grabbing some cutlery.

Tina very kindly treated me to a Crème cookie which I’d been wanting to try for years.

I thought were good, but Ben’s Cookies is still the best, in my opinion!

Another new site (for us) ticked off the list: The Royal Academy of Arts.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the art in there besides the two pieces pictured above.

Nevertheless, the gift shop is great but arguably in the festive spirt a touch early…

Big thanks to Anna for gifting me these trousers that were too short for her but fit my little legs perfectly!

I did really well with ticking off places on my list that I’d been wanting to hit up for ages this month.

Lunch at Roti King with Han was divine and truly the king of flavour – it’s now a new favourite restaurant of mine!

The dahl and fish karis with fresh rotis were so delicious but I’d definitely recommend ordering more food if you’re hungry as you can only order once there.

Han and I then went for a wander around the chazzas in Highgate and passed The Grocery Post on the walk towards Archway and we loved checking out all the bougie snacks and drinks.

Can confirm that the cherry soda was delicious!

A successful chazza haul from Archway – one of my favourite spots in London for charity shopping.

The books were from Crisis and the hand-knitted cardigan was from Marie Curie.

Next up, we headed to Crouch End which I hadn’t visited since pre-covid.

Had an excellent time snooping around the chazzas and grabbed an early dinner at The Pandan Leaf which was tasty!

I’ll leave you there for now but see you very soon for Part 2!


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