The wonderful team at Cha Cha Roll invited me in for a collaboration and made all of my food influencer dreams come true!

Obviously, I took Tina with me and we were treated to a sushi roll and Japanese souffle pancake each and you can find my full review here if you’re so inclined 😉

I’d actually never been to Green Park before but we passed it on our walk towards the Saatchi Gallery and it was looking glorious!

I hadn’t been to the Saatchi Gallery since pre-covid so it was great to be back.

I bet this exhibition would have been amazing, but I’m currently all about that free exhibition life!

Loved this card in their gift shop.

Introduced Tina to her first Buns From Home experience at the branch outside Sloane Square station – their cinnamon croissant buns are so good!

Booked lunch at Gazette Brasserie via The Fork and got 50% off – would highly recommend!

Mine and Bonnie’s first lunch together post the place that must not be named…

It just so happened to be Mussels Wednesday so it would be rude not to!

I never usually go for a crème brulee but I’m a full convert.

A day of charity shopping, buying fresh olives from the market and picking up a birthday gift in Portobello.

Happy 31st birthday to the legendary Bushbaby!

So lovely to catch up with Tan over a delicious Roti King.

The sweet roti with condensed milk was insane.

Taking Hazza for her first hotpot at my fave Little Lamb Hotpot to celebrate her turning 32!

Ecstatic that I finally got around to trying Three Uncles and it was delicious.

An excellent view on the walk to the gallery.

I stumbled across this free David Shrigley exhibition at the Hang Up Gallery online the night before and luckily Bonnie was keen to check it out too!

The entrance of the Hang Up Gallery doesn’t look like it’s open to the public as you have to press a bell to get in. But it was really cool to have the place to ourselves and all the pieces are for sale if you have a few thousand quid to spare…

Had a lovely time back at the shop one Sunday to catch up with Hattie and give her a hand while she was lone working.

I hadn’t been to Cay Tre in years and Han fancied Vietnamese food, especially salt and pepper tofu, so we hit it up.

Grabbed souffle pancakes and a passionfruit Yakult for dessert at Hefaure.

The pancakes were a bit small and disappointing (it’s always nice to try somewhere new regardless) – I’d recommend the ones at Cha Cha Roll instead.

Passed Phlox Books on my walk to Walthamstow.

Such gorge light!

Catching up with Hermina over dinner in Sichuan Grand and dessert at Heavenly Desserts.

Also treated myself to a Thermos flask for hot water on demand – possibly the best thing I’ve bought all year?!

Love me some cheese on brioche.

The best biscuits, especially the Bonne Maman ones!

I saw someone post about this free exhibition at W1 Curates on Instagram, which was really fun.

It’s on the lower ground floor of the Flannels shop and I’m looking forward to seeing what else they have on there in the future.

Views after surviving the hell of Southbank Christmas Market that Sarah wanted to visit at the weekend…

I hadn’t been to Bancone for years but remembered enjoying it. I’d previously visited the Covent Garden branch, but we went to Golden Square this time.

Branching out.

I’d only tried the veg options before so was keen to check some of their other offerings, but was quite disappointed by them.

Sarah and I shared the Cornish cod tagliatelle and the spicy pork and nduja ragu mafalde.

LOL at the woman’s face in the background!

Luckily, the dessert saved the day; it was delicious, light and not too sweet.

Meet: cranberry, lemon confit, vanilla and meringue.

Em also got her photos from the wedding photographer back and here are a few of my faves!


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