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December is basically a month-long celebration for mine and Jesus’s birthdays and we won’t be taking any questions at this time.

Thank you for understanding.

Starting the pre-birthday celebrations by introducing Bonnie to one of my favourite restaurants: Laksamania!

We ordered Satay Chicken, Char Kway Teow and the Beef Brisket Curry & Noodles.

On the day of my actual birthday, Em and I had a joint celebration at Ave Mario with school pals – I’d been wanting to check it out for ages!

I had the Back to Black pasta and a lovely coconut based mocktail.

The décor is lots of fun.

But the toilets are arguably the star of the show if Instagram is anything to go by!

After lunch, we went for a wander around Covent Garden, Regents Park and a cosy drink in a Camden pub.

For dinner, I met Bushbaby for a cheeky 30% off dinner at Gazette Brasserie!

The desserts were the real stars of the show: Fresh Giant Madeline and Chocolate Souffle.

Gorge flowers from Bushbaby.

The following weekend, Tina, Joe and I celebrated with dinner in Fushan which was delicious and really great value for a central London location.

Always easy to book as a last-minute option too!

I actually came here for my birthday a few years ago with the girls from work, so it was nice to come back and try a different dish.

As we were hankering for dessert – but didn’t fancy the cold options in Fushan – we stumbled across the French restaurant across the road.

We grabbed a Tarte Tartin and Crème Brulee with hot drinks at Savoir Faire, which were all delicious!

Will have to come back to try out their mains.

Going for a little wander after work before meeting Tash for dinner.


Love the soup noodles at The Great Thai Restaurant!

The House of MinaLima has been on my to visit list for ages and we stumbled across it on our way to grab a hot chocolate.

I’ll definitely be back.

The desserts at L’eto also looked incredible (but also incredibly expensive).

Amazing hot chocolates at Coco Melt – you can pick if you’d like milk, white or dark chocolate.

Tash and I both went for dark choc because it’s the best!

So excited that one of my favourite books has been made into a series!

I can confirm that it’s brilliant and the soundtrack is also bangin’

Big thanks to Sophia for my fave Cutter and Squidge brownies!

It’s cold.

Bushbaby and I took Jason for his first visit to Roti King.

There are very few places that I’d queue in the cold for but the 45-minute wait was worth it!

The best laksa and char kway teow in London.

After lunch, we walked over to Camden to check out the chazzas and grabbed a hot drink to warm us back up at the Clean Kitchen Club.

I knew it was going to snow!

Catching up with Bonnie over hot drinks and a sugar and lemon crepe at Crepes, Coffee and Chai.

I began a temp role towards the end of last month and it’s honestly one of the nicest places I’ve ever worked – they’re such a kind and supportive team and I was so lucky to have had the opportunity to work there, even if it was just for a short time (as I landed a permanent role elsewhere quite soon after starting).

One of my colleagues bought in fresh samosas for everyone and they were delish!

My fellow millennial temps needing a sit down at the Christmas party.

Another one of my colleagues very kindly took me out for lunch at Bento Bab on my final day!

Back in Devon for Christmas for the first time since 2018!

For Christmas dinner, we had roast duck, sriracha fried prawns and spicy Chinese leaves.

On boxing day, we had a hotpot – this was the first time that we’d had one in this house and it was a delight.

Leftover roast duck; steamed egg; celery and spicy preserved egg; fishballs, white radish, whelks and coriander in curry sauce.

One of my favourite dishes: pork belly in shrimp paste with fresh chilis.

Making the most of the only day of sunshine over crimbo limbo with a solo walk to the beach on Boxing Day.

Hot, fresh sugar doughnuts are a must.

A delicious lunch with Linda and Amelia at Twenty1.

So lovely to catch up with Leo and Sam (who I hadn’t seen since Christmas 2018) at Visto Lounge.

Sam and I also grabbed a delicious lunch at Rockfish – the calamari, whitebait (not pictured) and curry sauce are all sublime.

On the last day of the year, I started it right with a lovely brunch with Saz and Soph at Boston Tea Party!

The Sweetcorn Hash with poached egg, halloumi, guacamole and Tabasco maple syrup was pretty good.

After brunch, I went for a wander around the Babbacombe and St Marychurch charity shops, snapping up 2 tops and Sally Rooney’s latest book for under £8 – a pretty good haul considering about half of the charity shops in St Marychurch weren’t open.

I always find some nice, cheap bits there so would recommend it if you’re in the area as the charity shops in Torquay town centre are pretty disappointing.

Anyway, that’s enough of me blabbing on. I hope you’ve all had a lovely, restful crimbo limbo and see you very soon for my 2022 roundup!


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