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Starting the year off right by ordering 6 chicken wings from Morleys and getting 7.

What a time to be alive!

I hadn’t seen Chris since my last visit to Hong Kong back in 2018, so it was an absolute joy to give her a big squeeze and have a proper catch up in London!

I’d been wanting to check out the Yayoi Kusama exhibition at Tate Modern for years so I booked tickets for Han and I months in advance and we finally made it!

The room is a lot smaller than I expected it to be, but is really cool regardless.

Lunch at a random Vietnamese restaurant nearby, but my order was so spicy and expensive for the portion size.

Great lighting though.

Since Sophia mentioned Mother Mash when she visited the UK back in November 2018, I’d been meaning to go and I’m so glad I finally got to with Bonnie!

I bloody love mash and overall, I’d say it’s very nice for a cosy, wholesome dinner but won’t be the best bangers and mash you’ll have ever had.

Doing a spot of reading while waiting for Bushbaby at By The Bridge Cafe.

Dinner at the Vegan Sen Viet (regular Sen Viet is supreme, imo)

Top notch pizza for lunch at work.

Tangfastics and Jelly Babies are the best Haribo sweets.

Don’t @ me.

Sarah came to visit and I took her to my beloved Roti King for lunch and we went for a wander around the charity shops in Camden.

Eat Tokyo and Coco Melt with Han & Hattie after work.

Admiring the cakes at L’eto.

Han very kindly bought me this amazing chocolate from Hastings and the packaging is gorgeous too!

Bloody love these dungarees.

A belated birthday dinner celebration for Hannah at Wahaca in Waterloo with Em.

The Rainbow Bowl is so good!

Channelling my inner Chandler Bing.

Trying Shake Shack in the UK for the first time with Han and Jason!

I really liked it, but thought the portions could have been more generous for the price.

Checking out the Charity Supermarket at the Brent Cross shopping centre – I ended up buying 2 tops and a navy beanie.

Cosy vibes for a day in Hackney with Anna.

Nice to see that Banksy is alive and well.

Trying my first galette at Le Merlin and while I’m generally more of a crepe fan, I really enjoyed it.

Gorge sunset on the way home.

The K-Pop Burger and the Kung Pao Chicken Wings are incredible and a must-order if you’re heading to Chick N’ Sours.

Another restaurant that I’d been wanting to check out for ages and would highly recommend!

See you very soon for the belated February catch up!


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